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  1. link Praffer
    testosterone source
    Is the testosterone used in the 5mg patch purely synthetic or of animal source? Has there been any change in the patch or drug in the last year? A ras - 41% more...
    Praffer- over a year ago - in Androderm
  2. link Steelers1
    Very Sick to My Stomach
    Hi, I am taking the 5 mg patch of Androderm since about 4 days ago. My stomach has been in knots every since. I feel very sick to my stomach, kinda li - 77% more...
    Steelers1- over a year ago - in Androderm
  3. link Merv
    Androderm leg cramps, stomach problems, loss of balance, tiredness
    Stomach problems, loss of balance , leg cramps and tiredness.
    Merv- over a year ago - in Androderm
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