Atrovent Side Effects

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  1. link Lwwagner
    atrovent reaction
    While taking atrovent via nebulizer I had a reaction which I can only describe as anaphylactic shock. I was able to draw breath only with great difficulty and a great , almost screaming, wheezing sound. I could draw only enough breath to pronounce on - 60% more...
    Lwwagner- over a year ago - in Atrovent
  2. link Chatfield
    Atrovent mths, chatfield, glaucoma
    Was prescribed Atrovent about 18 mths ago for daily use.Have now been diagnosed as having Glaucoma.I wonder about the connection, if any. Rgds. Chatfield.
    Chatfield- over a year ago - in Atrovent
  3. link Chatfield
    Atrovent glaucoma
    Chatfield- over a year ago - in Atrovent