Fluorescein Side Effects

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  1. link Cranialjax
    Fluorescein mild nausea, fluorescein angiogram, discolouration, diarrhoea, stools
    i had a fluorescein angiogram for my eye yesterday, apart from spectacular normal yellow effects in urine (by the way it makes semen look green!) i have had very bad diarrhea that onset 6 hours after the injection has lasted through the night and is - 37% more...
    Cranialjax- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  2. link Fig5516
    Fluorescein Dye side effects
    Can injection of fluorescein dye cause a hypothyroidism condition.
    Fig5516- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  3. link Rbritten
    Fluorescein plavix and aspirin, severe itching, eye examination, britten, plavix
    After usual injection for eye examination there was subcutaneous blood leakage in a patch about 1 square inch on my right arm showing red color from the blood and a central yellow region. There was severe itching in this area. I take plavix and aspir - 15% more...
    Rbritten- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  4. link Bjbuttonparks
    Fluorescein heavy blood, horrible experience, angiogram, benadryl, diarrhea
    Was administered Fluorescein for eye angiogram. Within 2 minutes my face, arms, hands, torso, legs, face, lips went dark red, swelling, intense cramping (diarrhea) and itching all over. HIves came on swiftly with intense shaking of my whole body. Jaw - 69% more...
    Bjbuttonparks- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  5. link Janetilly
    Fluorescein fluorescein angiogram, tingling in arm, tightness in chest, allergy, fingers
    6 days after having fluorescein angiogram I am still suffering the fiollowing symptoms: Tightness in chest, tingling in arm and hands, difficulty in breathing comfortably, pain in fingers. I have allergy to shellfish.
    Janetilly- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  6. link Easysolution
    Fluorescein retinal photography, severe itching, iv fluids, trouble breathing, heart rate
    My mom had fluorescein injection for retinal photography yesterday and in 5 min after injection she experienced flushing, dizziness, shaking, severe itching, trouble breathing and than pass out. Heart rate dropped to 20 and we end up in ER. Her BP wa - 46% more...
    Easysolution- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  7. link Judyamuso
    Fluorescein benedryl, blood pressure, hives, epipen
    35 seconds after getting injected with fluorescein, I broke out with severe hives on my entire body. Benedryl and epipen did not relieve it, and I was taken to the ER where my blood pressure was 75 over 43, then 80 over 55, before it stabilized to 10 - 40% more...
    Judyamuso- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  8. link Spsingh
    Fluorescein inj lite and dark
    Kindly let me know how to prepare 10% and 25% lite and dark fluorescein inj and what is the difference between them and what are ingredient added during manufacturing
    Spsingh- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  9. link Penelopern
    Fluorescein bee stings, benedryl, photgraphy, welts, scarey
    yesterday I received a retinal photgraphy test and was administered Fluorescein IV. Within a few minutes I experienced itching and flushing and welts developed on my head,neck,and chest; then dizziness and shaking. Benedryl and a steroid where admini - 47% more...
    Penelopern- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  10. link Jbeck
    Fluorescein diarhia, red hot, welt
    My mother had severe diarhia, which was yellow, about 3 hours after injection. The site of the injection turned very red, hot, and painful with a welt in the center.
    Jbeck- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  11. link Harman
    Fluorescein heavy heart beat, go to sleep, flu
    Felt like I had the flu - every muscle and joint ached plus heavy heart beat.- felt like I was afraid to go to sleep
    Harman- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  12. link Kiasanford
    Fluorescein muscle weakness, retinal photography, heart rate, iv fluids, benedryl
    Just had a fluorescein injection for retinal photography today and after the first 2.5 cc - before any pictures could be taken - I passed out. For the following 5 hours was in recovery in the ER with two bouts of vomitting, severe nausea, headache, v - 46% more...
    Kiasanford- over a year ago - in Fluorescein