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  1. link Conqueran
    Nasonex violent thoughts, violent person, good nutrition, singulair, natural remedies
    I had increased feelings of anger and even violent thoughts towards a particular person. I am not a violent person. I also became more depressed then usual while on this medication. After singulair and this I now only take natural remedies for my all - 47% more...
    Conqueran- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Nasonex
  2. link Mcnab1959
    Nasonex seizures, tonic clonic seizures, swollen sinuses, running a fever, sinus infection
    My son has epilepsy. Last year I remember him being put on antibiotic and nasonex for his sinus infection, (Sept. 2008) he had 13 tonic clonic seizures in one day! This year, he has been put on antibiotic and nasonex again (2 sprays in each nostril t - 77% more...
    Mcnab1959- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Nasonex
  3. link Chiefjester
    You may want to look up magnesium deficiency it possibly might help with you're sons seizures.
    Chiefjester- over a year ago
  4. link Tripwire
    Nasonex anxiety panic attack, rhinocort, polyps, left eye, drs
    I've had polyps removed and was prescribed Rhinocort. Shortly after I began experiencing major anxiety & panic attack that were terrifying. I stopped taking it & told my doctor who basically told me these side effects were impossible. He then - 66% more...
    Tripwire- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Nasonex
  5. link 777
    There are many natural products/alternatives for health issues . . instead of taking drugs that cause side effects . . .unfortunately, most drs. push drugs, since that's all they know.
    777- over a year ago
  6. link Lmann
    Nasonex terrible nightmares, nasal drip, acne problems, sinus problems, nedi pot
    I had terrible sinus problems combined with my deviated septum. Swollen nostrils, constant nasal drip, couldn't sleep at night, and terrible sore throat in the morning. Started taking nasonex two months ago... Stopped all my problems in a few days. A - 70% more...
    Lmann- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  7. link Icsk8grrl
    Nasonex left nostril, sick to my stomach, keen sense, sense of smell, runny nose
    I just used Nasonex to help with allergies, and the INSTANT the spray went in my left nostril, I felt a twinge under my lip. I looked in the mirror and a white bump had appeared, and I could feel tenderness right through my lip to the inside of my mo - 71% more...
    Icsk8grrl- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  8. link Peachy67
    Nasonex initial side, medication
    Been on nasonex and other types of the same medication for 25 years and never had any problems. Maybe a little dry. That's it! Guys, give it a little more time and most of the initial side effects will disappear.
    Peachy67- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  9. link Irisw1206
    Nasonex cataract surgery, eye doctor, eye problems, vision problems, left eye
    I have used Nasonex for about two years. Last spring, I developed vision problems which I didn't attribute to the Nasonex. In the fall, I was diagnosed with a cataract and glaucoma in my left eye. I did not have any known risk factors and take very f - 60% more...
    Irisw1206- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  10. link Angee
    infants and Nasonex
    is nasonex safe for a 1 year old to take for 1 week?
    Angee- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  11. link Nasomisery
    Quitting Nasonex
    Can I quit this drug cold turkey, or do I need to wean myself off of it like other steroids?
    Nasomisery- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  12. link Dianna20
    Nasonex anxiety attacts, claritin, blisters, allergies, trash
    i started using nasonex approx 2 years ago i use it off and on for my allergies and i take claritin year round. every time i have used the nasonex i have had ridiculous head aches and anxiety attacks. i went with out using the nasonex for about 6 mon - 53% more...
    Dianna20- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  13. link Wendyl
    Nasonex sense of taste, sense of smell, 4 months
    I have a complete loss of my sense of smell that has not returned after stopping Nasonex for 4 months My sense of taste has diminished too.
    Wendyl- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  14. link Aatwood
    Nasonex ringing in my ears, sore throat, nervousness, congestion, couple of days
    I have been a Nasonex for only a couple of days... I have stopped because I have a terrible ringing in my ears...which I have always had but now it is 10 times worse. I also have headaches, sore throat and nervousness. Now that I have stopped I have - 24% more...
    Aatwood- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Nasonex
  15. link Ruthie55
    Ruthie55- over a year ago
  16. link Cla6429
    Nasonex severe headaches, itchy eyes, stress test, heart problems, dizziness
    Oct. 16, 2008 I have been having severe headaches, pain in my ears, dizziness, confusion and recently heaviness in my chest and short of breathe. I have been taking Nasonex for about 8 months. I thought I was having heart problems and went to the ER. - 50% more...
    Cla6429- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  17. link Vrwhitewolf77
    Nasonex uvula, nostril, thrush, antibiotic, antibiotics
    I was prescribed nasonex, and an antibiotic for an infection with terrible stuffiness and getting so dried out at night that my uvula would swell up, but go back to normal during the day..... That got better by 4th day of antibiotics, but I would fee - 54% more...
    Vrwhitewolf77- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  18. link Gadee
    Nasonex chest pains, shortness of breath, health problems, nasonex, rapid heart
    I've used Nasonex for at least 5+ years now. I thought it was wonderful. BUT now I realize that some of my other health problems may be due to Nasonex. For years now I am tired, shortness of breath (which is getting worse) and chest pains. Has anyone - 10% more...
    Gadee- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Nasonex
  19. link Mzcathy
    I had been using nasonex for 6 years now. Last year I started experiencing a horrible cough at night and a very heavy feeling in my chest after this coughing would end. I am up all night coughing and completely exhausted the next day. I have been to - 76% more...
    Mzcathy- over a year ago
  20. link Jnes
    Nasonex anxiety panic attacks, nasonex, anxiety, bad trouble, sleeplessness
    Palpitations, Anxiety, Panic Attacks
    Jnes- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Nasonex
  21. link Angolmois
    I just started Nasonex and have a bad trouble sleeping, which I never did before. I can sleep maybe 3 hours but it's very shallow. Sleeplessness is not listed as a side-effect by the company, but I can't find any other factor in my life that would ac - 44% more...
    Angolmois- over a year ago
  22. link Vkb719
    Nasonex needle prick, prick test, sinus infections, scratch test, dust mites
    Wow, that's all I can say. I started suffering with allergies pretty bad this March. Terrible headaches and ended up with two sinus infections. My doctor, after doing a sinus x-ray, sent me to an allergist who did a scratch test and a needle prick te - 74% more...
    Vkb719- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  23. link Genaca
    Nasonex nasal sprays
    I took this and a few other nasal sprays they may be great for some people but i just got migraines like crazy, sensitive to the light the noise all I could do was crawl up in my room all quiet and dark and cry it was unbearable. My doctor keeps tryi - 29% more...
    Genaca- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  24. link Greekgodess81
    Nasonex ill feelings, withdrawal symptoms
    Has anyone experienced withdrawal symptoms after stopping the use of Nasonex? At the top of this week I finished my 2nd bottle and decided I wouldn't refill a 3rd. I've since been fatigued, depressed, and achy. I haven't changed anything else so I'm - 14% more...
    Greekgodess81- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  25. link Catsnpaw
    Nasonex oral thrush, hard palate, cushings, flovent, flonase
    Yes, I slowly developed oral thrush over the course of the last 6 months since starting Nasonex. I blamed it on my Flovent, so I stopped the Flovent about 2 months ago, and the oral thrush just kept getting worse even after treatment with anti-fungal - 63% more...
    Catsnpaw- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  26. link Mrss1ck0
    Nasonex swollen throat, mouth sore, fun thing, nostril, thrush
    I'm surprised I haven't seen this one here. After taking 2 sprays in each nostril for a month, I woke up with a swollen throat and hard to swallow. Thinking it was strep throat I went to doc and right away he said, "you have thrush". It was - 54% more...
    Mrss1ck0- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  27. link Kdburke
    Weaning off Nasonex for children
    I would like to take my children, 4 and 6, off Nasonex. They have been on it for 2-3 years - daily doses. Do I need to go to every other day, then twice a week, once a week, etc since it is a steroid? Or can I just stop? Kids are also on Zyrtec so sh - 23% more...
    Kdburke- over a year ago - in Nasonex