Nasonex Side Effects

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  1. link Dco1134
    persistent odd smell
    I went to my doctor and described my problem. I have been getting what I feel is sinus pressure and there is a constant smell in my nose that others do not smell.Sometimes my nostrils seem blocked, but I do not have a "runny" nose. An MRI o - 51% more...
    Dco1134- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  2. link Sunshine25
    Nasonex allergies
    I use Nasonex for allergies and I have never had a side effect from it.
    Sunshine25- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  3. link Grsbigsky
    Nasonex hand tremors, freaky dreams, something heavy, nostril, squirts
    For only three days I have been taking 2 squirts of Nasonex in each nostril once a day. At the end of day 3, I have developed terrible hand tremors (like Parkinson's) whenever I pick up a glass of water or something heavy. I know it's from the Nasone - 37% more...
    Grsbigsky- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  4. link Ethrutch
    Nasonex sinus infection, flem, congestion, bronchitis, allergies
    I used it on and off for about two years, and recently started taking it again due to allergies... I use it sporadically, when I feel I need it. Anyway, I have had a problem about 3 times since the beginning of the year with horrible congestion, and - 59% more...
    Ethrutch- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  5. link Reygmendoza
    Nasonex robot voice, hearing aids, nasal spray, loratadine, ears
    the day after I used NASONEX nasal spray I started to feel like an increase in pressure on both of my ears. I just kept of swallowing believing it might just be caused by pressure which can be relieved by doing so. Then I noticed that my voice sounds - 66% more...
    Reygmendoza- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  6. link Hazemaze
    Nasonex & sleep
    If I were to take Nasonex before bed, will it prevent me from getting a good night's sleep? How about for a 7 year old?
    Hazemaze- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  7. link Lovethe20car
    Nasonex fall allergies, nightterrors, mild fall, palps, soccer games
    My daughter was put on Nasonex last year for mild fall allergies, which had just been diagnosed. She ended up with heart palpitations, shortness of breath, anxiousness and night terrors. Once I finally made the connection with Nasonex , after three w - 72% more...
    Lovethe20car- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Nasonex
  8. link Nightoftheswan
    Yes, I too was prescribed the Nasonex 2 years ago...used it for almost 3 weeks, definitely stopped the allergic rhinitis (seasonal allergy) issue, then stopped using it. However last year, fall season, allergies started again so I started using the N - 74% more...
    Nightoftheswan- over a year ago
  9. link Louisianajoe
    What products do you use as alternative?
    Louisianajoe- over a year ago
  10. link Jkrukow
    Nasonex sinus buster, sinus surgery, nostril, tremors
    Had sinus surgery that was a success in Feb. 2008. ENT said to use Nasonex, 2 squirts ea. nostril, twice a day for the rest of life. After one month I started having tremors in body and my hands would not stop shaking. I bought sinus buster over inte - 15% more...
    Jkrukow- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  11. link 6stirrup
    Nasonex loss of voice, tightness in chest, lump in my throat
    i started on Nasonex i month ago 2 puffs each Nostril at night to help shrink a nasal poly, I now feel awful congested and painful throat loss of voice breathing doesn't feel right keep wanting to breath deeply,tightness in chest ,depression ,there f - 38% more...
    6stirrup- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  12. link Gadee
    Nasonex chest pains, shortness of breath, health problems, nasonex, rapid heart
    I've used Nasonex for at least 5+ years now. I thought it was wonderful. BUT now I realize that some of my other health problems may be due to Nasonex. For years now I am tired, shortness of breath (which is getting worse) and chest pains. Has anyone - 10% more...
    Gadee- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Nasonex
  13. link Wqcharleston
    I just started to use nasonex and am expieriencing rapid heart beat. I stopped using it last night and did not take my dose this am, and my heart rate seems to be going back to normal. Anyone else expierience this?
    Wqcharleston- over a year ago
  14. link Monital
    I have been taking Nasonex for two months now and I have had the same side effects. i get shortness of breath as well as chest pains that are very disturbing to me.
    Monital- over a year ago
  15. link Monital
    I have just started taking Nasonex about two months ago and I too have had chest pains that I haven't experienced before as well as shortness of breath that can only be stopped if I yawn.
    Monital- over a year ago
  16. link Jnes
    Nasonex anxiety panic attacks, nasonex, anxiety, bad trouble, sleeplessness
    Palpitations, Anxiety, Panic Attacks
    Jnes- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Nasonex
  17. link Mikejunk2
    I have been on Nasonex for 6 months and for the last month, I have had serious anxiety and sleeplessness. I have felt disconnected at times and almost like Im going crazy. Could this be the Nasonex? Has anyone else experienced this?
    Mikejunk2- over a year ago
  18. link Satinsilver
    Nasonex guinea pig, mind drugs, hotmail, flavour, hamster
    I have been on Nasonex for approx 7 days now, I was at the gym last night and my chest felt ooh so tight, am coughing as bad as I always have and I cannot taste or smell now(no flavor, nor senses). My nose is running all of the time and I do not fanc - 54% more...
    Satinsilver- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  19. link Mjasylum
    Nasonex sinus headache, sinus infection, nasal passages, actone, anti biotics
    I supposedly got a nasal bacterial infection two years ago. 4 months ago I was put on Nasonex even though the doctor still didn't know if my 'infection' was bacterial (tried several antibiotics kept coming back) or fungal, or viral. The first six wee - 73% more...
    Mjasylum- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  20. link Flilly
    Nasonex post nasal drip, raw throat, voice problems, stronger every day, ears
    I took Nasonex because I have a post nasal drip, and allergies. After taking for about 1 week, I had a raw throat and my voice became weak and hoarse. I stopped Nasonex last week and my voice is getting stronger every day. Also, I have the feeling of - 22% more...
    Flilly- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  21. link Yetcurt
    Nasonex decongestion, sleeping through the night, sinus, insomnia
    I've used Nasonex for the past several years and it has worked effectively to help with sinus decongestion. But recently, I've had trouble sleeping through the night, usually waking around 3:00 am and having difficulty falling back asleep. I'm going - 24% more...
    Yetcurt- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  22. link Suezki
    Regain sense of smell / taste after stopping nasonex?
    I used Nasonex only 3 times, and I've completely lost my sense of smell and taste. I've read that this is a rare side effect; it's been a few days since I've last used Nasonex, but still no smell or taste. I'm wondering, has anyone ever regained thei - 28% more...
    Suezki- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  23. link Pamplinda
    Nasonex face swelling
    has anyone had face swelling from this stuff. i took it and my face swelled up.
    Pamplinda- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  24. link Miche46
    nasonex and choking
    I used nasonex interminently for several years with no problems however last time I started the therapy it felt like my throat was closing for a second, now I am afraid to use it, have tried rhinocort since with no problem, is it a coincidence? has a - 35% more...
    Miche46- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  25. link Zooie
    Nasonex nosebleed, occassional
    I get the occassional nosebleed, which I never have had before.
    Zooie- over a year ago - in Nasonex