Accupril Side Effects

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  1. link Honeypots
    We All Need a class actionsuit
    I really think they need a class action suit on this drug i don't understand why there still giving it to people it has changed my life started out with a dry cough then the cough got worse .. next come the phlegm and it got so bad i was coughing so - 59% more...
    Honeypots- over a year ago - in Accupril
  2. link Honeypots
    Accupril ruined my life
    While taking accupril i developed a bad cough and throwing up towel fulls of phlem as a result of this it damaged my heart liver lungs and spine beware of this drug !!!!!!
    Honeypots- over a year ago - in Accupril
  3. link Ingi
    Accupril bowel motions, gp
    I have been on Accupril 5 mg daily for 2 weeks and feel nauseated and have 1 to 2 loose bowel motions a day. Will these symptoms improve? Should I persevere. Due to see GP in 2/52
    Ingi- over a year ago - in Accupril
  4. link Mdmchugh
    Accupril buspar, plavix, zocor, tingling hands, hands and feet
    Nor sure if it is Accupril, but doctor seems to think it is. I have red, cold tingling hands annd feet. Although I also take Plavix (75 mg), Zocor (40 mg) and Buspar(25 mg) the doctor took me off of the Accupril. I have been on all the medications fo - 45% more...
    Mdmchugh- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Accupril
  5. link Ammy
    Generic accupril interacts with medicines used for diabetes and high blood pressure and few more drugs. Look at this this if you are put under generic accupril
    Ammy- over a year ago
  6. link Iaat
    Accupril Allergies
    allergic to many things.
    Iaat- over a year ago - in Accupril
  7. link Malew4
    Accupril cough
    dry hacking cough that starts from a tickle in the back of my throat didnt realate it to accupril but accupril is a new drug i am taking, been taking it for months now but the cough just started.
    Malew4- over a year ago - in Accupril
  8. link Dd
    Accupril and Atkins Diet
    Anyone with any info that Accupril may have on the Atkins Diet? I understand that some cardio meds may effect the metabolic rate needed for the Atkims Diet. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
    Dd- over a year ago - in Accupril
  9. link Blpsport2
    Accupril cough
    Blpsport2- over a year ago - in Accupril
  10. link Joan.kasten
    Accupril cough
    I have a dry hacking cough which I never had but have gotten since taking Accupril. I also sometimes get dizzy and fatigued.
    Joan.kasten- over a year ago - in Accupril
  11. link Alviep
    Accupril dry cough, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, light headedness, hoarseness
    Side effects from Accupril? You name 'em, I got 'em. Started the drug about 2 weeks ago and have had dry cough, dizziness (usually when lying down and/or changing position), light headedness, fatigue, shortness of breath and one day I had hoarseness - 32% more...
    Alviep- over a year ago - in Accupril
  12. link Buttonjo
    Accupril very aware that, cough, kidney, caution, ace
    Be aware-go to the doctor. I got a rx for Accupril that I can't take until my insurance approves a kidney test, but one of the things the kidney dr keep asking if I even got a cough from the other 3 b/p meds I'm no. He made me very aware that if I to - 27% more...
    Buttonjo- over a year ago - in Accupril
  13. link Memawat
    Accupril cough, bedtime, habit, ace
    I have the hacking cough also but it always seems to get worse when I lay down at bedtime. Maybe I have done it so long that it is a habit by now. Was wondering if there were any other ace inhabiters that could take and not have the cough. Please hel - 8% more...
    Memawat- over a year ago - in Accupril
  14. link Trotter
    Accupril cough, throught
    Dry hacking cough. Feels like a hair caught in my throught. Progressively gotton worse into coughing fits, causing tightness in my chest and occasional pain. Went to ER and doctor there told me Accupril is known for causing a dry hacking cough. Anybo - 4% more...
    Trotter- over a year ago - in Accupril
  15. link Louiesbabe
    what is a ace inhibator
    Louiesbabe- over a year ago - in Accupril