Aceon Side Effects

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  1. link Clarisa31
    Aceon holistic cures, tons of money, hbm, i died, coq10
    coughing, constantly with all and every hbm the Dr. gives me and I want to take CoQ10, but now the medical profession is stating that it enhances the Aceon, and you can take less. Phamiceuticals making tons of money off our fear. I would rather take - 19% more...
    Clarisa31- over a year ago - in Aceon
  2. link Standard
    Aceon cough syrup, zestril, to no avail, medication, smart doctor
    Is Aceon making me cough at night? I was on another medication years ago that made me cough for approximately 8 months. I had every test known to man, including asthma, and the doctors' found nothing (as usual). Then one day, a very smart doctor deci - 76% more...
    Standard- over a year ago - in Aceon