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  1. link Shespeeds
    Acetaminophen may be the cause of my palpitations
    I have a short history of heart palpitations, then a duration of time (child bearing) where the heart palpitations vanished, and I've started to have a few episodes again. The common thread that occurs to me, particularly with today's episode is that - 57% more...
    Shespeeds- over a year ago - in Acetaminophen
  2. link Onyaetna
    Acetaminophen heart palpitations, extra strength, nausea, rapid release, tylenol
    Severe nausea, heart palpitations and intestinal distress after 2 extra strength at 500 mg each.
    Onyaetna- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Acetaminophen
  3. link Airplanehi
    I am glad I am not the only one with a problem with tylenol. I get severe nausea, hot flashes, and then have multiple soft bowel movements. It will only stop once I take 3 or 4 immodium. I have been dealing with for 4yrs and just finally figured it o - 12% more...
    Airplanehi- over a year ago
  4. link Laura728
    Tylenol rapid release gelcaps - I took 2 for a bad headache. About 1/2 hour after taking them I started having heart palpitations. It has been over 4 hours and I still have the discomfort, although not as severe as it was. I have never had that sympt - 11% more...
    Laura728- over a year ago
  5. link Pinnypinchr
    Acetaminophen sore lips, achy pain, forearms, extremities, blankets
    Within 1/2 hour of taking 2 capsules for a headache, my mouth got sore, lips felt tingly and swollen, my tongue swelled, all extremities started aching and tingling, my insides hurt,felt like they were on fire. I was cold, covered with several blanke - 71% more...
    Pinnypinchr- over a year ago - in Acetaminophen
  6. link Mcorrao
    Heart palpitations
    I took 2 extra strength Tylenol @ 500mg each (i thought they were 250) and woke up 2 hrs later sweating and a rapid heart beat. Is this common? I've never had this reaction nor have I ever taken 1000 mg. either. Thanks
    Mcorrao- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Acetaminophen
  7. link Stager
    I am taking Ambien ( 6 yrs) and now I am having a hard time with my heart beating so hard it scares me. I have no energy and my blood pressure is 96/58 I know they say it's good but to have low blood but?... I have had insomina since 1979.
    Stager- over a year ago
  8. link Justelf
    acetaminophen and increased diarreha
    Is a side-effect of acetaminophen diarreha?
    Justelf- over a year ago - in Acetaminophen
  9. link Justelf
    acetaminophen and increased diarreha
    My mother takes tylenol for arthrytis pain and tylenol pm for sleep. She is alergic to nsaids. She has had intestinal surgery and has a problem with her bowels as a result. I would like to know if the taking of acetaminophen can increase diarreha.
    Justelf- over a year ago - in Acetaminophen
  10. link Glover441
    used for what purpose
    was prescribed this medication after being in an auto accident on 9/26/05. told that it's for pain in stomach, but want professional 2nd opinion. 500mg was priscribed to me.
    Glover441- over a year ago - in Acetaminophen