Alupent Side Effects

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  1. link Rnrkrish
    Alupent for heart ailment
    I had fainted and on reporting to the hospital, investigation on heart, neurology, ent and chest were done. Mild blockages were observed in the angiogram. One of the medicines prescribed is Alupen 10 mg twice a day. Will it benefit me?
    Rnrkrish- over a year ago - in Alupent
  2. link Goonie86
    Alupent rapid heartbeats, cause insomnia, inhalers, bedtime
    Out of all the other inhalers, this one is by far the best. the only side effects I experience are rapid heartbeats, which can cause insomnia when taken at bedtime.
    Goonie86- over a year ago - in Alupent