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  1. link Jessm2862
    Anafranil and anxiety
    My son has OCD and has been on Anafranil for about 10 years. I was wondering if there were any long term side effects from this mediciation. He seems - 39% more...
    Jessm2862- over a year ago - in Anafranil
  2. link Arcticcanadawolf
    Anafranil pround of you, dangerous drug, palpitations, rythm, bnf
    Hello there I know you will not like this, but I am well pround of you speciallady3996 because you have phycick abilities. I took this drug and starte - 70% more...
    Arcticcanadawolf- over a year ago - in Anafranil
  3. link Marlneek
    Anafranil bed time, niece, oe, ocd/obsessive compulsive disorder
    Hello my niece was sarted out at a too high dosage 50 mgs in the moening and 50 mgs at bed time so we are working with her dr To adjust either to 25mg - 63% more...
    Marlneek- over a year ago - in Anafranil
  4. link Speciallady3996
    Anafranil reply, medication
    I have recently been prescribed Anafranil,I have had no side effects because I haven't taken any as of yet,I want to know the most common side effects - 36% more...
    Speciallady3996- over a year ago - in Anafranil
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