Antabuse Side Effects

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  1. link Ral0817
    How long does one pill last?
    I am planning a weekend with coworkers and want to be able to drink. I presently take antabuse during the week because of my compulsions and addiction, but want to take a break. If I took my last pill on Tuesday morning, will I be able to drink on Fr - 43% more...
    Ral0817- over a year ago - in Antabuse
  2. link 1971gene
    blood pressure
    Does antabuse raise blood pressure
    1971gene- over a year ago - in Antabuse
  3. link Woodham
    alcohol related
    what will happen to me if i drink alcohol whilst taking antabuse tablets 200mg
    Woodham- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Antabuse
  4. link Amyb8795
    I would love to know the same answer myself
    Amyb8795- over a year ago
  5. link Suzie
    Antabuse extreme sensitivity, foot spa, massager, numbness, tylenol
    I am experiencing extreme sensitivity in both feet. My feet constantly ache but there is also a slight numbness as well. It's almost hard to put into words the way my feet feel, I just know how uncomfortable it is to walk, especially standing alone. - 58% more...
    Suzie- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Antabuse
  6. link Sbonick
    i have experienced ankle, joint pain and sometimes have difficulty walking. was put in hosp when liver enzymes shot up. Also had something to do with tylenol.
    Sbonick- over a year ago
  7. link Bac
    Antabus and short term memory loss
    When taking Antabuse 250 mg daily, my 42 year old son's short term memory is awful. He cannot remember where he parked his car or which store he was in when he goes to the restroom at the Mall. Does taking Antabuse make the short term memory worse? C - 6% more...
    Bac- over a year ago - in Antabuse
  8. link Stellaman
    what products
    what day to day products can you not use with Antabuse
    Stellaman- over a year ago - in Antabuse
  9. link Eshanks
    Effect of Antabuse when alcohol is consumed
    Would one of the side effects cause you to become extremely disoriented and confused and cause memory loss after the second day of taking Antabuse.
    Eshanks- over a year ago - in Antabuse
  10. link Suzie
    Aching Feet
    I am experiencing extreme sensitivity in my feet with a slight numbness. It's a constant ache and I cannot seem to find any relief. I've tried raising my feet on a pillow, I bought a 'Feet Spa and Bubbles', and I'm taking tylenol. I have been taking - 41% more...
    Suzie- over a year ago - in Antabuse
  11. link Paullister
    antabuse usage for three days
    I hope someone will help me. I took antabuse for three days starting thursday of last week and ending this past saturday. iwas wondering if i have let enough time pass, given the short amount of time that i took the pills, for me to start drinking ag - 2% more...
    Paullister- over a year ago - in Antabuse
  12. link Tmcneil
    please give me the side affects of antabuse
    Tmcneil- over a year ago - in Antabuse