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  1. link Manyqs
    arimidex as neoadjuvant treatment causes scar tissue in the breast
    No matter how many questions I asked no doctor advised me in advance that the use of Arimidex as a neoadjuvant treatment (i.e. oral hormone treatment - 84% more...
    Manyqs- over a year ago - in Arimidex
  2. link Lnbs440
    Arimidex yeast infection in mouth, recurring yeast infection
    Recurring yeast infection in mouth. Doctor suspects Arimidex to be the cause.
    Lnbs440- over a year ago - in Arimidex
  3. link 45artist
    Arimidex ringing in ears, yoga teacher, sleep aid, lack of energy, chest pains
    It has only been a week, and I have severe insomnia along with lack of energy and forgetfulness during the day. I have been experiencing chest pains, - 67% more...
    45artist- over a year ago - in Arimidex
  4. link Sophielu
    Arimidex mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation
    have been taking arimidex for one year now. had a mastectomy and chemotherapy and radiation. my hair grew back just fine. now getting symptoms
    Sophielu- over a year ago - in Arimidex
  5. link Vipla
    Arimidex diet control, burning sensation, excersise, fatique, inspite
    Burning sensation in joints ,specifically in knees started after 4 yrs of Arimidex use besides muscle pain,fatigue and weight gain inspite of exercise - 46% more...
    Vipla- over a year ago - in Arimidex
  6. link Vipla
    Arimidex body ache, burning sensation, fatique, veg diet, joints
    I have been on Arimidex since 2005 ,will be completing 5 yrs in 2010 .After 4 yrs ,I have started having burning sensation in my joints ,more so in my - 59% more...
    Vipla- over a year ago - in Arimidex
  7. link Theoval31
    Arimidex sore lips, mouth ulcers, mouth wash, lip balm, dry mouth
    I have been on Arimidex for nearly four years. I have suffered with dry mouth, mouth ulcers and peeling and sore lips I have tried mouth wash lip balm - 57% more...
    Theoval31- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Arimidex
  8. link Aliceq47
    Arimidex leg cramps, breast cancer, lumpectomy, hot flashes, chemo
    I have been taking Arimidex since April of 2005. I have two more years before I can be taken off of the medication. I had breast cancer, diagnosed Oct - 73% more...
    Aliceq47- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Arimidex
  9. link Juanne
    Arimidex monthly period
    I have taking Arimidex for 2 yrs still have my monthly period on, is this normal or side effects?
    Juanne- over a year ago - in Arimidex
  10. link Lshriver
    Arimidex thrush
    After five years on Arimidex, I went off 2 weeks ago. About a week after going off, I have developed a thrush-like symptom. I haven't gone to my docto - 36% more...
    Lshriver- over a year ago - in Arimidex
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