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  1. link Starrbrite
    Arthrotec Side Effects
    I have been taking Arthrotec 50 for a week now and have been experiencing numbness and tingling in my toes and feet as well as muscle weakness in my l - 37% more...
    Starrbrite- over a year ago - in Arthrotec
  2. link Firebeebee
    hi I'm taking Arthrotec since Saturday July 24th 2010 for tendinitis in my shoulder the pain is really bad, it is waking me up at 4am and i can't get - 69% more...
    Firebeebee- over a year ago - in Arthrotec
  3. link Niecsey
    Just been prescribed this
    I am wary about taking it. Please tell me what to expect thank you x ops was giving lansoprazole to take with it too.
    Niecsey- over a year ago - in Arthrotec
  4. link Niecsey
    How can l see side effects? Theres supposed to be 50 here :(
    Niecsey- over a year ago - in Arthrotec
  5. link Shayes2401
    Arthrotec Withdrawal
    Are there any withdrawal symptons from Arthrotec if you are taken off totally after being on it for a number of years?
    Shayes2401- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Arthrotec
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