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  1. link Wmacko
    Just started Asacol
    My wife just started taking this on 1/28/08. Two cap three time a day. How long will it take to see some results. She has NO bleeding and the urgency - 36% more...
    Wmacko- over a year ago - in Asacol
  2. link Samadhi76
    Asacol stuffy nose, runny nose, insomnia, headache
    insomnia, stuffy nose, headache, tired (lack of energy), runny nose.
    Samadhi76- over a year ago - in Asacol
  3. link Brianpwilliams
    Asacol mg pills, ulcerative colitis, 15 months, flare, migraine
    I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about 15 months ago and I have been on Asacol for the whole time. My normal dosage is 3- 400 mg pills 3 - 50% more...
    Brianpwilliams- over a year ago - in Asacol
  4. link Kittokittokitto
    Asacol stomach cramps
    "The runs" and Stomach cramps
    Kittokittokitto- over a year ago - in Asacol
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