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  1. link Lisarenee86
    atacand or toprol
    what is the difference in atacand 16mg and toprol 50 mg
    Lisarenee86- over a year ago - in Atacand
  2. link Dallison
    Atacand depression issues, zone diet, hypertension, clarity, bp
    I know the side effects I read online show that mood and depression issues for this drug are supposed to be minimal ... less than 1% ... but mood issu - 72% more...
    Dallison- over a year ago - in Atacand
  3. link Hualde
    Atacand dosis
    I;m taking atacand 16mg. My friend gave me 4mg samplesm should I take 4 ?
    Hualde- over a year ago - in Atacand
  4. link Jdonofrio
    Lung problems
    I have suffered from distal interstitial lung inflammation since about the time I started Atacand. Is it coincidental?
    Jdonofrio- over a year ago - in Atacand
  5. link Wagnew
    atacand side affects
    Has anyone experienced a severe red, itchy, raised skin rash on the lower legs and ankle area after using atacand for a while????
    Wagnew- over a year ago - in Atacand
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