Atenolol is in a group of drugs called beta-blockers. Beta-blockers affect the heart and circulation (blood flow through arteries and veins). Atenolol is used to treat angina (chest pain) and hypertension (high blood pressure). It is also used to treat or prevent heart attack. Atenolol may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide. Take atenolol exactly as it was prescribed for you. Do not take the medication in larger amounts or for longer than recommended by your doctor. Follow the directions on your prescription label. Take this medication with a full glass of water. Take atenolol at the same time every day. Do not skip doses or stop taking atenolol without first talking to your doctor. Stopping suddenly may make your condition worse. To be sure this medication is helping your condition, your blood pressure will need to be checked on a regular basis. Do not miss any visits to your doctor. If you need to have any type of surgery, tell the surgeon that you are using atenolol. You may need to briefly stop using atenolol before having surgery. Atenolol is only part of a complete program of treatment for hypertension that may also include diet, exercise, and weight control. Follow your diet, medication, and exercise routines very closely if you are being treated for hypertension. If you are being treated for high blood pressure, keep using this medication even if you feel fine.


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    Good rx list
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    Benadams201- over a year ago - in Atenolol
  2. link John W Greene
    atenolol 25mg, it makes me nushea
    help, what can i do to stop the feelings of nushea
    John W Greene- over a year ago - in Atenolol
  3. link Mari5656
    can't get atenolol or enalapril
    my doctors won't prescribe more than 30 days of pills to me? I'm on medicare, and can't afford office visit that often. they know this. I don't like h - 69% more...
    Mari5656- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Atenolol
  4. link Mimicary
    Atenolol lowered my pulse to LOW 30's !!
    67-yr-old overweight female was prescribed Atenolol - 25mg. per day for trembling (Essential Tremors). After 4 days I could not walk 10 feet without b - 89% more...
    Mimicary- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Atenolol
  5. link Siouxzen
    This Stuff Sucks!
    I started on 25 mgs of Atenolol about 6 months ago, but only as needed, which was maybe one tablet once a week, for shakiness due to side effects of W - 93% more...
    Siouxzen- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Atenolol
  6. link Deji517deji
    atenolol 25mg
    does this medication have any pain medication in it
    Deji517deji- over a year ago - in Atenolol
  7. link Paulsettles
    a positive side effect (Maybe)
    Some years back i developed a sinus problems,mostly head congestion and tried everything the doctors prescribed but nothing worked. 3 years ago i was - 81% more...
    Paulsettles- over a year ago - in Atenolol
  8. link Ixytrychal
    Atenolol stomachache, propranolol, heart rate, rest of the day, anxiety
    I was prescribed this crap [they keep giving me b.s. pills, I'm sick of it!].. Took one for my fast heart rate/anxiety. Within the hour I had a stomac - 63% more...
    Ixytrychal- over a year ago - in Atenolol
  9. link Citylivin
    Atenolol high intensity workouts, extreme fatigue, extreme muscle, high cholesterol, city hs
    Have been taking 25mg daily for 3 months for MVP switched from inderal--gained 10 pounds (can't get my heart rate over 92 during high intensity workou - 77% more...
    Citylivin- over a year ago - in Atenolol
  10. link Shamwari
    Atenolol leonard s lilly, pathophysiology of heart disease, 50mg tablets, informative book, internet check
    I have been taking atenolol for about eight years,25mg daily.I was never titrated to find out what was the correct dosage! This used to regularly done - 87% more...
    Shamwari- over a year ago - in Atenolol
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