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  1. link Lefan
    Is there a class action suit for the drug Avalide/ I want to be included
    I have been taking Avalide for about 1.5 years. Since i have been taking it, I have been getting worst everyday. I didn't think too much of the how I was feelng. I thought I was just getting older. I wake up in the morning craving the drug. My head i - 72% more...
    Lefan- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Avalide
  2. link Carlitos1
    I have not seen one yet but the paper I received from United health care states the recall is because the medicine doesnt work as well as it says /or is suppose to no matter what the dosage. So after YEARS( at least 5) of payer $150.00 plus a month f - 45% more...
    Carlitos1- over a year ago
  3. link Lisarose
    Avalide rapid heart rate, hard to take a deep breath, shortness of breath, muscles, anxiety
    Shortness of breath...hard to take a deep breath, anxiety, pounding/rapid heart rate. Out of breath when walking and muscles weakness. I want to lay down. I am OFF this med..like now..
    Lisarose- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Avalide
  4. link Jeff80162
    I stop taking it yesterday and sleepped better last night and feel like I'm stronger. Jeff
    Jeff80162- over a year ago
  5. link Shedeedn
    Avalide x rays, zoloft, ambien, doctors, sleep
    I'm on avalide and zoloft. For about a year, shortly after I started taking avalide my legs started hurting. The doctors have taken x-rays of my back and an MRI but can't figure out my legs. Also I can't sleep at night so i take ambien. HELP! signed - 7% more...
    Shedeedn- over a year ago - in Avalide
  6. link Ass
    Avalide systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, profoundly
    after 4 days of use, systolic pressure at 120 (was 180), diastolic pressure 95 (was 121). As soon as systolic got to "normal" became profoundly suicidally depressed.
    Ass- over a year ago - in Avalide
  7. link Ass
    Avalide profound, depression
    profound suicical depression after four days of use
    Ass- over a year ago - in Avalide
  8. link Mamagallagher
    sun sensitive
    I have been in the sun lately, and was wondering if Avalide can cause blisters on your parts of the body that have been exposed to the sun? I also have blisters in my mouth. The blisters on my arms at first felt like pin pricks, then just started hur - 32% more...
    Mamagallagher- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Avalide
  9. link Cherylann55
    did you have any side afects from being out in the sun while on this drug.
    Cherylann55- over a year ago
  10. link Rj2ginger2000
    my hair seems to be falling out. Is this a side affect?
    Rj2ginger2000- over a year ago - in Avalide
  11. link Annettec247
    Avalide bald patches, health dept, jacksonville fl, bristel, agape
    I started using Avalide on Nov 05, 04 picked it up at Agape Health Dept 300/12.5mg in Jacksonville fl. My hair is coming out in chunks I've lost a lot of hair I now have bald patches on both sides in the top middle and left back. Empty, bald, I calle - 54% more...
    Annettec247- over a year ago - in Avalide
  12. link Fsotoj
    Avalide high blood pressure, dry mouth, cozaar, lightheadedness, weakness
    Second day taking Avalide 150/12.5, after 4 hrs felt lightheadedness, all over weakness, dry mouth. My doctor changed my medication, Cozaar 5.0 mg because of persistent high blood pressure.
    Fsotoj- over a year ago - in Avalide
  13. link Lightocea
    Avalide pin prick, verelan pm, allergic reaction, medications, reply
    I am currently on 300/12.5 of Avalide and Verelan pm 200 mg. My doses were upped a couple of weeks ago and at night I amhaving a stinging and pin prick feeling all over my body 30-40 min after I go to bed. Could this be an allergic reaction to any of - 18% more...
    Lightocea- over a year ago - in Avalide
  14. link Normbomm
    Avalide leg muscles, upper leg, upper arm
    Upper arm and upper leg muscles are weak.
    Normbomm- over a year ago - in Avalide
  15. link Sherryd48
    Does this drug contain any amount of PCN?
    Sherryd48- over a year ago - in Avalide