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  1. link Vbarne
    Avandia swollen knees, backpain, legs
    painful,legs,knees,swollen knees,Tia,speech difficulty,back pain.
    Vbarne- over a year ago - in Avandia
  2. link Mamawgrace
    Muscle weakness
    I take 4mg. of avandia twice a day and am slowly getting worse with muscle weakness in my arms and legs. Now I can't get out of a bathtub. and can't c - 59% more...
    Mamawgrace- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Avandia
  3. link Suplido
    Avandia side effects of avandia, losing hair, gaining weight, span
    I'm gaining weight (20 lbs. in a span of 2 years) even if I'm eating less and less. I'm also losing hair, it used to be thick. Are all these side effe - 23% more...
    Suplido- over a year ago - in Avandia
  4. link Patkellyauctions
    Avandia drug avandia, cataract surgery, macular edema, cataracts, actos
    Notice--if you know anyone Blind that takes the Drugs-Actos or Avandia-Please spread the word THESE DRUGS CAN CAUSE YOU TO GO BLIND In Jan 2000 I was - 91% more...
    Patkellyauctions- over a year ago - in Avandia
  5. link V2d2.1
    Avandia puffiness, weight gain, cheeks
    I have experienced huge weight gain, puffiness around eyes and cheeks, swelling since taking Avandia 8 mg. Very uncomfortable.
    V2d2.1- over a year ago - in Avandia
  6. link Mewright
    Avandia blood sugar levels, avandamet, constant nausea, sore throat, metformin
    I am experiencing constant nausea/headaches since being switched from avandamet 4mg/500mg once a day to 4mg avandia and 500mg metformin twice a day. U - 63% more...
    Mewright- over a year ago - in Avandia
  7. link Howardy
    Avandia water retention, bloating, weight gain, medication
    terrible bloating +weight gain due to water retention agonizing spasms in calves during night due to this medication stopped it-symptoms aleviated
    Howardy- over a year ago - in Avandia
  8. link Jgeborde
    Avandia blurry vision, hair loss, weight gain
    I have been experiencing hair loss, blurry vision and weight gain since I have been taking Avandia.
    Jgeborde- over a year ago - in Avandia
  9. link Patkellyauctions
    Avandia macular edema, legally blind
    I have Macular Edema, legally blind-Now, it seems that Avandia can cause Macular Edema. What are these drug companys doing to us?
    Patkellyauctions- over a year ago - in Avandia
  10. link Carmenh
    I been taking care of my mother for the last four months and she is a diabetic who is taking many medications and one of them is Avandia. She's been l - 39% more...
    Carmenh- over a year ago - in Avandia
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