Avapro Side Effects

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  1. link Craisin
    Avapro and coughing
    I am taking Avapro for HBP and since taking it my FREQUENT migrations have disappeared! The problem I have is now when I lie down at night to sleep, I always wake up with a terrible coughing fit. There is a "gurgling/bubbling" noise coming - 46% more...
    Craisin- over a year ago - in Avapro
  2. link Elkmo
    What is Avapro 300mg normaly given for?
    Elkmo- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Avapro
  3. link Elkmo
    what is Avapro 300MG normally given for?
    Elkmo- over a year ago
  4. link Greenhouse211
    Sleepless nights..
    Does Avapro cause sleepless nights? Where do I find information on side effects of this drug? Is there a cough that comes with taking this drug? Before my husband starts to take this I would like feed back please?
    Greenhouse211- over a year ago - in Avapro
  5. link Joline.hayes
    Avapro hypertension, erection, hard time
    My boyfriend has been taking Avapro for 2 years for hypertension and he has a hard time having an erection. If you can , please help or explain. Thank you.
    Joline.hayes- over a year ago - in Avapro
  6. link Lauderdalebob
    Side Effects?
    Any one experience side effects with Avapro?
    Lauderdalebob- over a year ago - in Avapro