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  1. link Good4ubs
    Sleeping problems
    Is there any solutions for the non rest I receive from taking Avonex. I never experienced this with the Avonex in the vile but ever since I've taken t - 64% more...
    Good4ubs- over a year ago - in Avonex
  2. link Txiaks
    Avonex focal nodular hyperplasia, liver mass, flu symptoms, biogen, chills
    I have been on Avonex since Sept. 2000. I still experience some flu symptoms like chills and muscle aches. My side effects are considerably better if - 73% more...
    Txiaks- over a year ago - in Avonex
  3. link Daddyman
    Avonex muscle pains, treatment options, headaches, flu, fever
    I have been on avonex since 2000 and I am still experiencing the flu like symptoms such as headaches, muscle pains, and fever, and for the next two da - 51% more...
    Daddyman- over a year ago - in Avonex
  4. link Jimmy_d787
    Avonex naprelan, noc 2001, zero side effects, time release, nsaids
    been on avonex since noc 2001. tried high-dose OTC NSAIDS. now am on 500mg x 2 NAPRELAN CR (TIME RELEASE BUFFERED NAME BRAND NAPRELAN) 2 hours before - 51% more...
    Jimmy_d787- over a year ago - in Avonex
  5. link Virby1
    Avonex biogen
    for katie #6275 biogen makes the powder that you mix. talk to your doctor about going back to that. side effects will probably get better
    Virby1- over a year ago - in Avonex
  6. link Katie
    Is there a forum
    Is anyone having problems with the new prepackaged Avonex?
    Katie- over a year ago - in Avonex
  7. link Katie
    This is my third year on Avonex. Up until they started putting the meds in the prefilled needle, I had no problems. Now that the meds are packaged, wh - 49% more...
    Katie- over a year ago - in Avonex
  8. link Kpierce
    Avonex abdominal pain, vomiting, weakness, speech
    My sister is having side effects - abdominal pain - she becomes almost unresponsive -vomiting - low grade temp - extremely tired - very slured speech - 7% more...
    Kpierce- over a year ago - in Avonex
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