Mupirocin (Bactroban or Centany) is an antibiotic originally isolated from Pseudomonas fluorescens NCIMB 10586, 1 developed by Beecham.

Mupirocin is bacteriostatic at low concentrations and bactericidal at high concentrations.2 It is used topically and is effective against Gram-positive bacteria, including MRSA.3 Mupirocin is a mixture of several pseudomonic acids, with pseudomonic acid A (PA-A) constituting greater than 90% of the mixture. Also present in mupirocin are pseudomonic acid B with an additional hydroxyl group at C8,4 pseudomonic acid C with a double bond between C10 and C11, instead of the epoxide of PA-A,5 and pseudomonic acid D with a double bond at C4 and C5 in the 9-hydroxy-nonanoic acid portion of mupirocin.


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    The ointment works well I think
    I can't use any antibiotic with mineral oil. Most over the counters have petroleum products like mineral oil, etc. On the other hand, Bactroban CREAM - 75% more...
    Kimball- over a year ago - in Bactroban
  2. link Online2041814
    In laymen's terms what are the ingredients, is there antibiotic in it?
    Online2041814- over a year ago - in Bactroban
  3. link Ldslam7573
    Bactroban bactroban ointment, skin infection, 19 month old, rash, red spots
    My 19 month old son was given Bactroban ointment to prevent a skin infection. He soon developed little red spots all over his body that grew in size u - 58% more...
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    Bactroban caused my skin to turn bright red, itch and small bumps emerged. The side effect has lasted over a week since it was tested a 2nd time on my - 58% more...
    Firetect- over a year ago - in Bactroban
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