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  1. link Richey
    Beano Sent me to the Emergency Room!
    I recently purchased Beano to stop my gas. I took the prescribed amount described on the bottle, and not only did it stop my gas, it stopped my bowel - 58% more...
    Richey- over a year ago - in Beano
  2. link Susie1985
    Beano severe headaches
    I only take beano on days I work, but I swear they have been giving me severe headaches. I have searched everywhere, but can't find this side effect l - 21% more...
    Susie1985- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Beano
  3. link Hzleeyes
    Beano smelly farts, thunderclap, flatulence, ssd, beneficial effect
    I have rich, juicy, smelly farts 24 hours a day. They smell like ritten eggs. Took beano and didn't notice any beneficial effect. Got put on SSD (disa - 74% more...
    Hzleeyes- over a year ago - in Beano
  4. link Someguy5
    Beano stomach cramps, cheese, flatulents
    I took beano twice at a dosage of two tablets before my meal. Each time my gas seemed to get worse than if I hadn't taken any. For a week after taking - 64% more...
    Someguy5- over a year ago - in Beano
  5. link Roy4547
    beano and stool
    Can beano cause a light brown stool color?
    Roy4547- over a year ago - in Beano
  6. link Heyjude
    Beano half an hour, diet
    I recently went completely vegetarian and decided to try Beano because the new diet was causing gas. I've taken it four times and each time it upset m - 61% more...
    Heyjude- over a year ago - in Beano
  7. link Charmed333
    Beano cramps, 15 minutes, sleep, stomach problem, pea ham soup
    I was fine during and after eating. When I went to sleep, unbearable cramps woke me up. I couldn't get up for about 15 minutes. I felt better, went ba - 22% more...
    Charmed333- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Beano
  8. link Darkstar057
    Beano restless leg syndrome, intestines, pills, stomach, couch
    I took 2 pills before dinner and my stomach was great after the meal, no gas whatsoever. Intestines felt great, but I noticed I was very uncomfortable - 49% more...
    Darkstar057- over a year ago - in Beano
  9. link Lrac37
    side effects of beano
    I seem to be having pressure in the back of the head along with dizzy spells since taking beano. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
    Lrac37- over a year ago - in Beano
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