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  1. link Fer991
    Benoquin monobenzone, pregnancy problems, vitiligo, medication
    I have vitiligo, I have been using Monobenzone 40% for about 2 months, everything is working fine, but My wife and I we are planing to get pregnant int the very near future, do the medication could be Harmful for the child?, should I stop the treatme - 28% more...
    Fer991- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Benoquin
  2. link Ican
    I have vitiligo. I can't find 40% Benoquin any where. Can you send me the information on where to purchase 40% Benoquin? My email is:
    Ican- over a year ago
  3. link Deangeliuss
    20% benoquin cream
    Where can I buy it now?
    Deangeliuss- over a year ago - in Benoquin
  4. link Elizabethjr
    Benoquin expiration date
    I have extensive vilitigo and have had a great results from using this cream. However, my pignmentation comes back on my face during the summer months. Which I then go back to using the cream. My question is, does Benoquin has an expiration date. I h - 19% more...
    Elizabethjr- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Benoquin
  5. link Towanacolvin
    Does the Benoquin work on other parts of your body? How long does it take before you see results?
    Towanacolvin- over a year ago
  6. link Joey1
    can people without VITILIGO use Benoquin?
    can people without VITILIGO use Benoquin?
    Joey1- over a year ago - in Benoquin
  7. link Mfotaibi
    Benoquin ineed, vitiligo, kuwait
    I HAVE VITILIGO SINCE 16 YEARS SO INEED PENOQUION cream .Iam from kuwait and i look for this cream in my country and i didnt find it so could you send it please
    Mfotaibi- over a year ago - in Benoquin
  8. link Naztaz
    i am a asian student and have vitiligo's which is white patches on my hands fingers arms back i have been to the dermotologist and he has been unhelpful and says he cant do anything for me i have just heard about benoquin cream can you tell me were i - 16% more...
    Naztaz- over a year ago - in Benoquin
  9. link Lovelyladyxx
    hey elizabeth
    hey whats up elizabeth do you have any pics?? let me know i'll give you my email i'm very intrested in tryin benoquin thanks
    Lovelyladyxx- over a year ago - in Benoquin
  10. link Fuwei808
    Monobenzone cream
    any one use it?
    Fuwei808- over a year ago - in Benoquin
  11. link Saba_intensa
    Benoquin confeti, vitiligo, corro, saba, piel
    Yo quisiera saber si puedo usar benoquin para blanquear mi piel sin tener vitiligo y q riesgos corro de hipopigmentacion en confeti siempre sucede o son casos ceveros ... mi correo es: ****** si usted tiene informacion confiable enviemela porfavor s - 7% more...
    Saba_intensa- over a year ago - in Benoquin
  12. link Kinekon
    share your monobenzone experience!
    are there any users here of this medicated cream? if so please share your experience with depigmenting, i too am a user and would appreciate any user feedback in terms of your personal experience. thanks :o) http://health.g - 12% more...
    Kinekon- over a year ago - in Benoquin
  13. link Siobyn
    benoquin use
    has anyone use monobenzone 50% cream with good effect? do not buy from maclabs, they are scam.
    Siobyn- over a year ago - in Benoquin
  14. link Leightonwalls
    Benoquin pharmaceutical
    Leightonwalls- over a year ago - in Benoquin
  15. link Coosmeteque
    benoquin cream
    Need to know where to buy benoquin cream otherwise known as monobenzone for the blotchy white and black spots all over my body. I am international student and can't afford the doctor bills right now sincerely Help
    Coosmeteque- over a year ago - in Benoquin