Betadine Side Effects

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  1. link Bobncaz
    Betadine parotid glands, poor speech, blood sugars, intense pain, vocal cords
    I had my parotid glands washed out with saline and because they were still dirty the surgeon decided to swab them with Betadine. When I came around from the operation I was panicking in the recovery room. Later, I was put into a side ward, luckily wi - 85% more...
    Bobncaz- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Betadine
  2. link Thepopps5
    I just had Thyroid surgery and when I came out of surgery I got welts everwhere the Betadine was on my body. My ear lobes were 3x the size. I am now recovering but the reaction to the Betadine is bothering more than my stitches in my throat. Living o - 15% more...
    Thepopps5- over a year ago
  3. link Carolann918
    betadine and shellfish
    Carolann918- over a year ago - in Betadine