Biaxin, an antibiotic chemically related to erythromycin, is used to treat certain bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, including: Strep throat, Pneumonia, Sinusitis (inflamed sinuses), Tonsillitis (inflamed tonsils), Acute middle ear infections and Acute flare-ups of chronic bronchitis (inflamed airways)

Biaxin is also prescribed to treat infections of the skin. Combined with other medications, it is used to treat ulcers near the exit from the stomach (duodenal ulcers) caused by H. pylori bacteria. It can also be prescribed to combat Mycobacterium avium infections in people with AIDS.

Biaxin is available in tablet and suspension form, and in extended-release tablets (Biaxin XL). The extended-release form is used only for sinus inflammation and flare-ups of bronchitis


Biaxin Discussions

  1. link Infiniti
    Weakness, sleeplessness, seeing strange faces when I close my eyes.
    I have just completed 7days of Biaxin XL 500 mg prescribed twice a day for Bronchitis query Pneumonia. My Doctor would like me to continue for another - 82% more...
    Infiniti- over a year ago - in Biaxin
  2. link Zbst
    Severe headache
    On this medicine for suspected pneumonia even though shortness of breathe and low fever were only symptoms. After first 500mg dose, I woke up in the m - 44% more...
    Zbst- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Biaxin
  3. link Samhat
    Worst experience of my life - felt like I was going completely insane
    I was only on Biaxin XL for two days for a sinus infection and the horrible side effects hit me all at once last night. It may have also been due to t - 90% more...
    Samhat- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Biaxin
  4. link Madrich
    worst drug ever
    i was prescribed biaxin amoxacilin and acid reducer for h.pylori first day felt like i was doing better bad taste in my mouth. The second day was a di - 75% more...
    Madrich- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Biaxin
  5. link Epfeifer
    effects that linger....
    I was prescribed Biaxin for a URI and bronchitis AFTER I took another antibiotic and was not getting better. It's been almost 2 weeks that I finished - 71% more...
    Epfeifer- over a year ago - in Biaxin
  6. link Freedomlady50
    Biaxin sinus infection, milligram, bronchitis, pills, flu
    I have taken 2 biaxin pills as prescribed today. I was prescribed 20 pills 2x a day 500 milligram. Doctor prescribed medicine for bronchitis and sinus - 59% more...
    Freedomlady50- over a year ago - in Biaxin
  7. link Earful
    Biaxin metallic taste in my mouth, jaw muscles, facial muscles, weird side, ear infection
    Was prescribed Biaxin for an ear infection (bullous myringitis). Horrible metallic taste in my mouth, towards the end of the 10 days, my facial muscle - 48% more...
    Earful- over a year ago - in Biaxin
  8. link Wfc123
    How long do the side effects last?
    I took it for three days and stopped completely. Three days and I am still having problems sleeping and problems with 'coldness'/numbness in the extre - 47% more...
    Wfc123- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Biaxin
  9. link Cscatbird
    Biaxin hpylori, brushing my teeth, room mate, million questions, kitchen table
    I took biaxin for HPylori & it was terrible. I had the most disgusting taste in my mouth, I was constantly brushing my teeth, flossing, it was so - 85% more...
    Cscatbird- over a year ago - in Biaxin
  10. link Sltpow
    Biaxin sinus infection, flashbacks, third day, uti, nausea
    Took this drug for a sinus infection... all of the above nausea, throwing up, horrid feeling all over, extreme headache, finally figured it out when I - 76% more...
    Sltpow- over a year ago - in Biaxin
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