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  1. link Dmn7656
    Thought I was dying
    I took 3 pills (15 mg total) last night and the moment I sat up in the bed this morning, I started cramping. Went from a 1 to a 10 in about 10 mintues - 75% more...
    Dmn7656- over a year ago - in Bisacodyl
  2. link Marstan10
    Bisacodyl cold sweats, stomach pain, arms and legs, hot flashes, colonoscopy
    I don't think it is safe to be using so many pills at one time. But I rarely have to use any laxative the two times I have used it in the past year, I - 88% more...
    Marstan10- over a year ago - in Bisacodyl
  3. link Sexydangergirl
    Bisacodyl bisacodyl laxative, fibercon, miralax, rare occasion, suppositories
    It is a very rare occasion when I have to use bisacodyl laxative - like once every couple of years. I absolutely dread using it because the cramping i - 49% more...
    Sexydangergirl- over a year ago - in Bisacodyl
  4. link Cburd
    Bisacodyl sick to my stomach, dulcolax
    Everytme I take dulcolax, I get very sick to my stomach!
    Cburd- over a year ago - in Bisacodyl
  5. link India910
    Side Effect Posting
    I just entered a posting on the side effects of this drug. I'm curious as to whether anyone else has experienced a similar reaction -- and how they co - 13% more...
    India910- over a year ago - in Bisacodyl
  6. link India910
    Bisacodyl horrific pain, medication, have suffered from, breast bone, cold sweats
    I have been using bisacodyl laxatives for over a dozen years. Unfortunately due to the tolerance I my body has developed for this medication, I am oft - 89% more...
    India910- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Bisacodyl
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