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    neuroma, hair loss, muscle stiffness
    I have had, off and on, trouble with foot pain. Typically, wrapping, alleve, ice helped...within a few days, I'd be as good as new. I have had 5 month - 73% more...
    Anonymous- over a year ago - in Boniva
  2. link Essdeighhurts
    Boniva swollen lymph nodes, head and neck pain, base of my skull, ostopenia, case of the flu
    I tried taking Fosamax after being diagnosed with extreme Osteopenia but had stomach pain and reflux for several days after taking it. Just when I sta - 86% more...
    Essdeighhurts- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Boniva
  3. link Angelny
    Boniva moer
    i just want to say it is terrible . no more for me !!!!! i would not have taken it if i knew about it . no moer !!
    Angelny- over a year ago - in Boniva
  4. link Pathammond1
    Boniva and antibiotics
    I have acute asthma and am taking antibiotics for a lung infection. It says not to take calcium with this antibiotic. Should I stop taking Boniva whil - 13% more...
    Pathammond1- over a year ago - in Boniva
  5. link Gacristal
    Boniva obgyn, cramps, chills, drs, antibiotics
    First pill 6/09 - next day started running fever ( I ran fever for 3 days & had chills)& had bad cramps - thought it was appendix - went to dr - 72% more...
    Gacristal- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Boniva
  6. link Milaguza
    Boniva rootcanal, 9 months, teeth
    severe insomnia,trouble with my teeth with root canal,lot of weight,taste.after taking it for 9 months only.
    Milaguza- over a year ago - in Boniva
  7. link Cobbchar2
    Boniva sensitive taste buds, metallic taste in my mouth, taste sensations, loss of taste, sense of taste
    Metallic taste, loss of taste: A few weeks after beginning my once/month Boniva dosage, I lost my full sense of taste. I now continuously have a sort - 84% more...
    Cobbchar2- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Boniva
  8. link Lwelbon
    Boniva government drug, trust government, healthy diet, government agencies, calcium
    I wish I had read all these comments before I took my first dose. I feel like CRAP! I have not been able to sleep, my back aches, I feel like I am com - 69% more...
    Lwelbon- over a year ago - in Boniva
  9. link Momof3_grandma3
    Boniva stress fractures, class action suit, empty stomach, honest to god, jaw pain
    Took my Boniva pill on a Saturday morning, like it said, empty stomach big glass of water, by 10pm that night, I was doubled over, cramping, wanted to - 85% more...
    Momof3_grandma3- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Boniva
  10. link Jutta
    Boniva and fever
    I took my first Boniva pill on Thursday morning. By Friday I had a lot of pain in my body, especially in my chest. I had chills and my temperature cli - 22% more...
    Jutta- over a year ago - in Boniva
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