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  1. link Cookie12
    raised eyebrows frozen forehead
    how long does this crap last?
    Cookie12- over a year ago - in Botox Cosmetic
  2. link Mimi44
    Botox Cosmetic lung infection, botox, appearance
    I tried Botox for my frown lines. Within a week or two, I had a terrible lung infection and I was completely incontinent of urine! It took a couple of - 48% more...
    Mimi44- over a year ago - in Botox Cosmetic
  3. link Pdirvianskis1
    Botox after kidney transplant
    Is botox a live virus and is it safe for a recently transplanted pt to get botox treatments?
    Pdirvianskis1- over a year ago - in Botox Cosmetic
  4. link Elisazz
    Botox Cosmetic horrible nightmares, bck, bruise, botox, forehead
    I first had botox 3 weeks ago- I had one bruise from an injection site, but that didn't bother me. The worst was the anxiety- I felt constantly anxiou - 79% more...
    Elisazz- over a year ago - in Botox Cosmetic
  5. link Grs
    Botox Cosmetic extreme anxiety, tingling in hands and feet, tingling in hands, family practitioner, adverse reaction
    My 6th time for Botox and ten days after the injections, I ended up in the ER with flu like symptoms, nausea, tingling in hands and feet, dry mouth, a - 71% more...
    Grs- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Botox Cosmetic
  6. link Nomorebotox
    Need to elinimate botox from system
    I had botos injections in my forehead for wrinkles. When I raise my eyebrows I look very weird now. The inside part of my eyebrow is slanted downward - 36% more...
    Nomorebotox- over a year ago - in Botox Cosmetic
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