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  1. link Giamarie
    Has anyone had severe stomach bloating and/or diarrhea from taking BUSPAR? I'm trying to do some detective work on my tummy.
    Giamarie- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  2. link Goonie86
    BuSpar please be careful, paralysis, antidepressants, medications, 15 minutes
    I've been on antidepressants for 9 years (I'm 19) and I've tried many; a Buspar side effect is by far, the worst side effect I've ever had to any drug - 67% more...
    Goonie86- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  3. link Johnson
    BuSpar ounce glass, headaches
    southcaligirl - See if drinking an 8 ounce glass of water w/ the buspar helps the headaches - it did for me.
    Johnson- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  4. link Southcaligirl
    BuSpar brain tumor, weird side, lightheaded, persistant, headaches
    I've been taking buspar for a couple months and every now and then I experience some weird side affects. I feel lightheaded and sometimes have headach - 68% more...
    Southcaligirl- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in BuSpar
  5. link Happyondaisy
    affects of buspar on the liver
    is there any dangerous affects by using buspar in regards to the liver or the user being a person with addictive behaviors
    Happyondaisy- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  6. link Bmad83
    should I?
    My child age 7 is having a hard time dealing with going to 2nd grade. She likes the teacher and school but everyday in the gym she crys and the teache - 61% more...
    Bmad83- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  7. link Johnson
    Johnson- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  8. link Lil-john
    what are the side affects
    would like to see some posts on this
    Lil-john- over a year ago - in BuSpar
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