BuSpar Side Effects

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  1. link Giamarie
    Has anyone had severe stomach bloating and/or diarrhea from taking BUSPAR? I'm trying to do some detective work on my tummy.
    Giamarie- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  2. link Southcaligirl
    BuSpar brain tumor, weird side, lightheaded, persistant, headaches
    I've been taking buspar for a couple months and every now and then I experience some weird side affects. I feel lightheaded and sometimes have headaches that can last for days. It's not like a normal headache; It feels like a pressure feeling inside - 46% more...
    Southcaligirl- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in BuSpar
  3. link Jenerfa
    I've been trying to find what's wrong with me. I'm hoping this is it. ditto, ditto, ditto! I've been having this bad pressure in my head for 5 days now. And I haven't been on buspar long. I'm thinking about not taking it today now.
    Jenerfa- over a year ago
  4. link Goonie86
    BuSpar please be careful, paralysis, antidepressants, medications, 15 minutes
    I've been on antidepressants for 9 years (I'm 19) and I've tried many; a Buspar side effect is by far, the worst side effect I've ever had to any drug, and I've never been allergic to any medications. About 15 minutes after I had my first dose of thi - 45% more...
    Goonie86- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  5. link Johnson
    BuSpar ounce glass, headaches
    southcaligirl - See if drinking an 8 ounce glass of water w/ the buspar helps the headaches - it did for me.
    Johnson- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  6. link Happyondaisy
    affects of buspar on the liver
    is there any dangerous affects by using buspar in regards to the liver or the user being a person with addictive behaviors
    Happyondaisy- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  7. link Bmad83
    should I?
    My child age 7 is having a hard time dealing with going to 2nd grade. She likes the teacher and school but everyday in the gym she crys and the teacher has to drag her off me. She went to school here last year with her sister but now her sister is in - 35% more...
    Bmad83- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  8. link Johnson
    Johnson- over a year ago - in BuSpar
  9. link Lil-john
    what are the side affects
    would like to see some posts on this
    Lil-john- over a year ago - in BuSpar