Calcium Side Effects

Side effects and experiences with Calcium by users like you. Post Yours Now.
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  2. link Jeff_reinhardt
    Calcium and Gout flare ups
    Is there any known effect of calcium tablets and their effect on the uric acid levels that triger gout?
    Jeff_reinhardt- over a year ago - in Calcium
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    Calcium parathyroid glands, calcium tablets, uric acid levels, kidney function, gout
    I have gout and reciently had one of my parathyroid glands removed because it was producing to much calcium. The medication I was put on untill the other 3 glands make up the difference is Tums, calcium tablets. 2 tablets 3 times each day. My gout fl - 44% more...
    Jeff_reinhardt- over a year ago - in Calcium