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  1. link 1vanna2
    Carbidopa hyper activity, police custody, delusion, euphoria, denial
    my dad, 77, was prescribed carbid levo 25/100 for RLS. side effects were: euphoria, hyper activity, MAINIA, rapid thoughts, DELUSIONS, denial... he wa - 51% more...
    1vanna2- over a year ago - in Carbidopa
  2. link Irajacoves
    Shortness of breath
    I have been taking carbidopa for several years. I am now taking an additional 1/2 of the time released version twice a day. I am experiencing shortnes - 38% more...
    Irajacoves- over a year ago - in Carbidopa
  3. link Rosemariepavlick
    Carbidopa sinemet, parkinsons, levo, side affects
    Can you please tell me some common side affects for the drug which my mother is taking to treat Parkinsons. Carb/Levo 25-100 mg, substitute for Sineme - 8% more...
    Rosemariepavlick- over a year ago - in Carbidopa
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