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  1. link Normand
    carbofed and claritin
    my 9 year old takes claritin in the morning, can she take carbofed at night to help with the cough,congestion and help her sleep?
    Normand- over a year ago - in Carbofed DM Syrup
  2. link Michelle32182
    Carbofed DM
    Can someone please tell me all of the active chemicals in this medicine, I took some and now I feel kinda funny, I was told that it has codine in it a - 31% more...
    Michelle32182- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Carbofed DM Syrup
  3. link Buddabear
    Urine Test
    If I took Carbofed DM Syrup is it possible that it could produce a positive result for opiates in a urinalysis?
    Buddabear- over a year ago - in Carbofed DM Syrup
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