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  1. link Joyousong
    Cardizem LA 120 is the only med that I can take for my particular heart issue.
    This med in the 120 strength has been backordered for months. Why? I am now unable to get this med which means that I will have to consider an operati - 63% more...
    Joyousong- over a year ago - in Cardizem LA
  2. link Micjag
    Cardizem LA
    I have been on DoivanHCT160 since September, '08 with BP going from 160 to the 125/140 range. Doctor has advised me to go on CardizemLA to control BP - 65% more...
    Micjag- over a year ago - in Cardizem LA
  3. link Mscott36
    cardizem la and alcohol
    Is it safe to drink wine while taking 180 mg of cardizem la??
    Mscott36- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Cardizem LA
  4. link Shiralee72
    Cardizem LA high potassium levels, cardizem, blood test
    Taking it for several years. Most recent blood test showed very high potassium levels, causing doctor to have great concern. Looking on the internet I - 28% more...
    Shiralee72- over a year ago - in Cardizem LA
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