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  1. link Sweet_cyanide
    Cefzil dry heaves
    this stuff made me throw up everything! it was so horrible and i couldn't keep anything down at all. even if my stomach was empty i still had the dry - 13% more...
    Sweet_cyanide- over a year ago - in Cefzil
  2. link Macythemaid
    Cefzil strange sensations
    Tingling and strange sensations in feet and legs and arms and hands.
    Macythemaid- over a year ago - in Cefzil
  3. link Macy28
    Strange Sensations
    I felt the onset of a respiratory sinus infection and saw 4 Cefzil in the cupboard not expired. I took 3 of them and started tingling in hands and fee - 62% more...
    Macy28- over a year ago - in Cefzil
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