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  1. link Casmeira
    Celebrex leg cramps, headaches
    bloating, constipation,body pain, leg cramps, swelling of mouth, headaches, sleeplessness
    Casmeira- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  2. link Satisfied
    Celebrex outrageous price, medicine cabinet, spinal injuries, experience difficulty, fibromyalgia
    I have severe Fibromyalgia, as well as several spinal injuries. I have been taking Celebrex for six years now, and have experienced none of the proble - 90% more...
    Satisfied- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  3. link Sunigrl3
    my mom is so sick
    mom hips ,back every part of her body is aching especially her stomach,she sleeps all day,her stomach stays upset and severe pain in her stomach shes - 27% more...
    Sunigrl3- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  4. link Kerril21
    Celebrex arthritis pain, flu like symptoms, aspirin, arthritis, flu
    The last few months Celebrex has quit working, and has been making me sick, flu like symptoms, and my arthritis pain has actually been worse. It is al - 60% more...
    Kerril21- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Celebrex
  5. link Farsat1976
    duration of therapy
    what time duration you can take celebrex ?
    Farsat1976- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  6. link Aaralx3
    lost my babyand pobably had strep during a new job,but couldn't miss any
    My question is I lost my baby on August 25th and I had a rare case of strep. I had bumps from my hips to my ankles and on my feet.The pain and itching - 74% more...
    Aaralx3- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  7. link Gayledh
    Celebrex severe stomach pain, blood clot, hernia operation, umbilical hernia, broke loose
    severe stomach pain blood clot in stomach umbilical hernia operation when blood clot broke loose
    Gayledh- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  8. link Sexy_rocker2007
    Celebrex mood swings, bad mood, unpleasant person
    i don't take this but my girlfriend does and it has made her a totally different person.....she has such bad mood swings that most of the time i don't - 47% more...
    Sexy_rocker2007- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Celebrex
  9. link Rvandro
    Celebrex medical hx, family hx, tennis elbow, otc over the counter, heart disease
    My side effect: NONE I having been taking 200mg once a day and found it to be the best thing I have tried for back pain since a fall at work & ten - 75% more...
    Rvandro- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  10. link Mercedes.m.molina
    Celebrex difficulty in swallowing, sore throat
    Major swelling in my throat. Severe sore throat. Difficulty in swallowing.
    Mercedes.m.molina- over a year ago - in Celebrex
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