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  1. link Ruach1
    cellcept and loss of smell and taste
    I was put on 3000 mg/day of cellcept for months to deal with GVHD and was taken off of it, slow taper when the liver enzymes improved and when the hea - 60% more...
    Ruach1- over a year ago - in CellCept
  2. link Gcbpgh
    CellCept train noise, left ear, dizziness, medicine
    I started cellcept about 2 months ago, the have me up to 2000 a day now and I can't believe my left ear. I had menieres years ago.....the noise is awf - 65% more...
    Gcbpgh- over a year ago - in CellCept
  3. link Gcbpgh
    CellCept menieres, left ear, dizziness, miracle, verizon
    dizziness, fullness and menieres symptoms in left ear. its driving me insane, losing my hearing in left ear since starting cellcept but the medicine i - 21% more...
    Gcbpgh- over a year ago - in CellCept
  4. link Dreyad
    dr.eyad nasser hospital
    can i use cellecept instead of imuran?
    Dreyad- over a year ago - in CellCept
  5. link Jlf
    CellCept dapsone, hot flashes, prednisone, valtrex, pemphigus
    I am being treated with Cellcept (1000 mg in the morning and 1000 mg in the evening) for pemphigus vulgaris. Although I am post-menopausal, recently h - 63% more...
    Jlf- over a year ago - in CellCept
  6. link Housestuff
    CellCept sinus infections, ear problems, ears, occasions
    I have problems with sinus infections, trouble breathing and wheezing while using cellcept. I was at one point so bad with sinus infections that my ea - 63% more...
    Housestuff- over a year ago - in CellCept
  7. link Sylviame06
    nephrotic syndrome
    Will cellcept eventually cure this rare kidney disease "nephrotic syndrome"?
    Sylviame06- over a year ago - in CellCept
  8. link Maxinep
    CellCept nephrologist, simvastin, 3 years, conjunction, god
    I was just placed on Cellecept last week- 500 Mg 4 times a day- for my autoimmune muscular myopathy- I was a body builder 6 months ago- now I can bare - 70% more...
    Maxinep- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in CellCept
  9. link Utcaneuser
    CellCept brain fog, niaspan, cottonmouth, blurred vision
    I started taking cellcept due to an undiagnosable Auto-immune issue its working however there are some side effects. Causes flushing from Niaspan to k - 33% more...
    Utcaneuser- over a year ago - in CellCept
  10. link Ktx1212
    Ktx1212- over a year ago - in CellCept
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