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  1. link Maxinep
    CellCept nephrologist, simvastin, 3 years, conjunction, god
    I was just placed on Cellecept last week- 500 Mg 4 times a day- for my autoimmune muscular myopathy- I was a body builder 6 months ago- now I can barely make it across the Target parking lot. I am sure the myopathy is Statin induced as I was on Lipit - 49% more...
    Maxinep- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in CellCept
  2. link Sbain
    Sandra 42-I was diagnosed with CIDP over 5 years ago. I have been treated with IVIG and it does work for me. My concern is the side effects being on it long term. I have tried prednisone and had every side effect there was, Imuran didn't help either - 54% more...
    Sbain- over a year ago
  3. link Elizabeth51
    Yes, I am a 51 year old female who was working up until a year ago. I was put on predisone at high doses on and off for a rare disorder call dermatomyositis in 1994, which cause me to have Interstitional Lung Disease for the last 5 years. But for the - 79% more...
    Elizabeth51- over a year ago
  4. link Susannyc1
    I just starting taking cellcept last week in conjunction with cyclosporen so I could get weaned off of prednisone. I've been on prednisone for 3 1/2 years for an autoimmune disease but keep having relapses when I try to get off it. My other nephrolog - 66% more...
    Susannyc1- over a year ago
  5. link Joe_2008
    My neurologist wants to put me on Cellcept...I was on Imurane and after three weeks spent 4 days in the Hospital due to high fevers, rigors, etc.. Seems like Cellcept's side effects are the same. I have been diagnosed with CIDP.....an autoimmune dise - 38% more...
    Joe_2008- over a year ago
  6. link Anntraer
    I am taking cellcept for auto immune. I have been on this for 3 weeks. About once a week a get a very nueasous feeling almost to the point of vomiting. My final dose will go up to 3000mg for one year. I will wean off of Prednisone as cellcept dosage - 4% more...
    Anntraer- over a year ago
  7. link Brendastocks
    I have been taking cellcept and prednisone for 7months. I am tired all of the time, gained 25lbs, have trouble breathing with any exertion, have been depressed. I have pemphigoid. I just dropped the prednisone, but still taking cellcept 2000mg day. V - 30% more...
    Brendastocks- over a year ago
  8. link Ruach1
    cellcept and loss of smell and taste
    I was put on 3000 mg/day of cellcept for months to deal with GVHD and was taken off of it, slow taper when the liver enzymes improved and when the heavy dosage of corticosteroids were ended. For many months now I have been fatigued and anemic and I h - 33% more...
    Ruach1- over a year ago - in CellCept
  9. link Gcbpgh
    CellCept train noise, left ear, dizziness, medicine
    I started cellcept about 2 months ago, the have me up to 2000 a day now and I can't believe my left ear. I had menieres years ago.....the noise is awful....I can't function......don't know what to do. I bounce off the walls when walking from the dizz - 42% more...
    Gcbpgh- over a year ago - in CellCept
  10. link Gcbpgh
    CellCept menieres, left ear, dizziness, miracle, verizon
    dizziness, fullness and menieres symptoms in left ear. its driving me insane, losing my hearing in left ear since starting cellcept but the medicine is a miracle in every other way. ******
    Gcbpgh- over a year ago - in CellCept
  11. link Dreyad
    dr.eyad nasser hospital
    can i use cellecept instead of imuran?
    Dreyad- over a year ago - in CellCept
  12. link Jlf
    CellCept dapsone, hot flashes, prednisone, valtrex, pemphigus
    I am being treated with Cellcept (1000 mg in the morning and 1000 mg in the evening) for pemphigus vulgaris. Although I am post-menopausal, recently hot flashes have reappeared (yuck), and I am curious if they could be attributed to the Cellcept. I a - 38% more...
    Jlf- over a year ago - in CellCept
  13. link Housestuff
    CellCept sinus infections, ear problems, ears, occasions
    I have problems with sinus infections, trouble breathing and wheezing while using cellcept. I was at one point so bad with sinus infections that my ears had to be drained of mucous on several occasions. I know it was from Cellcept because I was taken - 38% more...
    Housestuff- over a year ago - in CellCept
  14. link Sylviame06
    nephrotic syndrome
    Will cellcept eventually cure this rare kidney disease "nephrotic syndrome"?
    Sylviame06- over a year ago - in CellCept
  15. link Utcaneuser
    CellCept brain fog, niaspan, cottonmouth, blurred vision
    I started taking cellcept due to an undiagnosable Auto-immune issue its working however there are some side effects. Causes flushing from Niaspan to kick in earlier and last longer. brain fog, cottonmouth, blurred vision.
    Utcaneuser- over a year ago - in CellCept
  16. link Ktx1212
    Ktx1212- over a year ago - in CellCept
  17. link Janra
    cellcept dosage for ra
    What is the dosage for cellcept in patients with ra?
    Janra- over a year ago - in CellCept
  18. link Dottsie67
    what are sideefectsmy son was put on cellcept after hiskidney and
    my son was put oncellcept500mg twice a day after his kidney and pancreas transplant in march of this year. what about side effects
    Dottsie67- over a year ago - in CellCept
  19. link Johnnyboy8078
    CellCept kidney transplant, nystagmus, meniere, vertigo, fatigue
    Very strange, I also had an attack of vertigo with nystagmus (hoizontal) that was thought to be Meniere's disease. Kept on same dosage (3000mg a day) due to Kidney transplant. Otherwise, fatigue and weakness are only other direct side effects.
    Johnnyboy8078- over a year ago - in CellCept
  20. link Humpheadfish
    CellCept maintaining an erection, acne
    i have 1500 a day, and have been getting the worse acne. I also have problems maintaining an erection
    Humpheadfish- over a year ago - in CellCept
  21. link Jessejackiek
    CellCept doctor didn, vitiligo, medication
    I also have hot fleshes, but the Doctor didn't tell me about the Cellcept was cause them. I have also develop Vitiligo on my arm. I wonder if the medication has cause this too. If there are any side effect like this please let me know.
    Jessejackiek- over a year ago - in CellCept
  22. link Jessejackiek
    CellCept iron level, sexual nature, sperm, burns
    I have a side effect of a sexual nature. It is very uncomfortable when having sex and my husbands sperm burns me. My doctor said that he didn't think that it was the cause but I know when I lower the dose or get off it stops. Also my Iron level has d - 2% more...
    Jessejackiek- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in CellCept
  23. link Birdsong
    CellCept vertigo attack, meclizine, meniere, chase
    2,000 one day put me in the ER with a Meniere's vertigo attack with sweats. just terrible. It took meclizine to chase it. I have since weaned myself from it. also had flushing.
    Birdsong- over a year ago - in CellCept
  24. link Bunni200593
    CellCept experience fatigue, exercise walking, playing sports, riding bike, shape
    sometimes i experience fatigue when i am too active such as exercise, walking, playing sports and riding bike. what is something that i can do so i can avoid this? i want to get into shape but it doesn't help when i run out of energy too quick. other - 40% more...
    Bunni200593- over a year ago - in CellCept
  25. link Sul72
    just wondering if there are any side effects to this drug during pregnancy
    Sul72- over a year ago - in CellCept