Centrum Performance Side Effects

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  1. link Bobby
    centrum performance
    After taking centrum performance I have been experiencing nausea and diarrhea. I had been taking centrum silver and had not had any of these side effects. Is this unusual?
    Bobby- over a year ago - in Centrum Performance
  2. link C9r6i1p9p9s1
    I this normal?
    I had recently started taking Centrum Performance and had just noticed that my urine is neon yellow, this has never happened to me before, and I'm not quite sure Centrum Performance- Multi-vitamin is the cause.
    C9r6i1p9p9s1- over a year ago - in Centrum Performance
  3. link Hayseed2
    Centrum Performance new hair, multi vitamin, hair growth, correlation, hair loss
    I experienced severe hair loss. I never associated it with Centrum Performance until I ran out of it a few times and that's when I noticed the correlation. Now that I no longer take that multi-vitamin, my hair has stopped falling out and is becoming - 23% more...
    Hayseed2- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Centrum Performance
  4. link Boballenz
    Your a nut job!! Get some pills to sedate you. This is a vitamin bozo it actually promotes hair growth. maybe you are taking other stuff thats making your hair fall out. Like CrackC Bob Allen Oakville, TX
    Boballenz- over a year ago
  5. link Dma9c
    Centrum Performance
    Redness in the eyes, not sure if related to this?
    Dma9c- over a year ago - in Centrum Performance
  6. link Drpinto
    Centrum Performance migrane, reflexes, nausea, gag, headaches
    I get reeeeeally nauseated! It feels like the worse nausea ever, and it actually gives me gag reflexes and sometimes vomiting. Not to mention I also do get the BAAAAAAD headaches! It almost feels like a bad Migraine! My hair also falls a lot...but I - 20% more...
    Drpinto- over a year ago - in Centrum Performance
  7. link Jessicaw2285
    Heart Healthy?
    I have terrible anxiety and I just wanted to make sue this was heart healthy...so is it?
    Jessicaw2285- over a year ago - in Centrum Performance
  8. link Ekoc
    Centrum Performance chest pains, few minutes
    I get terrible chest pains followed by bleaching. It last for a few minutes but hurt like crazy.
    Ekoc- over a year ago - in Centrum Performance
  9. link Gardenview
    Centrum Performance farting
    I cannot stop the most hideously bad smelling farting I have ever experienced
    Gardenview- over a year ago - in Centrum Performance
  10. link Psalm
    Centrum Performance entergy, sex drive
    It gives me a lot of energy all day, but It take my sex drive away.
    Psalm- over a year ago - in Centrum Performance
  11. link Bigragu
    Centrum Performance headaches
    I noticed I get bad headaches within 20 - 30 mins of taking these. Some times they go away within an hour some times they last a few hours anyone else experiance this?
    Bigragu- over a year ago - in Centrum Performance