Centrum Silver Side Effects

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  1. link Oceanjazzy
    centrum for smoker
    i want to know if centrum is contraindicated to smoker..how centrum will affect d health of a smoker..because i am confused my friend told me that centrum can contribute to have lung cancer..is true?
    Oceanjazzy- over a year ago - in Centrum Silver
  2. link Lmb0423
    Centrum Silver centrum silver vitamins, medical procedure, upper arm, right arm, physical therapy
    Both my hands began to ache constantly to varying degrees- it felt muscular or nerve related - also the muscle in my upper right arm began to ache - this continued for months not knowing it was from Centrum Silver vitamins I was taking - Dr sent me f - 77% more...
    Lmb0423- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Centrum Silver
  3. link Mmcfadd
    I started taking centrium silver and started noticing that I had burning sensation throughout my body for as long as I took them. I ran out of the and didnt buy any for about a month or so, and I noticed that the burning sensations were disapperaing - 64% more...
    Mmcfadd- over a year ago
  4. link Mpbean70
    Centrum Silver waking up with a headache, correlation, headaches
    I have been waking up with a headache every morning since I started taking centrum silver. I stopped taking it when I noticed the correlation. The headaches went away
    Mpbean70- over a year ago - in Centrum Silver
  5. link Rdibello
    Centrum Silver burning sensation, stomach
    I have a burning sensation in my stomach as well as a nauseous feeling 3 minutes after taking Centrum Silver for about 10 minutes. Then it goes away.
    Rdibello- over a year ago - in Centrum Silver
  6. link Tomday
    Centrum Silver & Headaches?
    I Recently started Centrum Silver, just because I'm now 50 yrs. old. Within about 3-4 days I developed a rather severe headache. Not in the eye area but from the top of my head and all the way down to my neck. I have a hard time recalling ever having - 48% more...
    Tomday- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Centrum Silver
  7. link Kiaxtreme
    I also started taking Centrum Silver about 3 weeks ago. Have had a headache (top of head also), slight dizziness, eyeball pressure for a week. Quit 2 days ago. Symptoms lessening each day. First symptom was eye pressure and slight blurry vision. Prev - 17% more...
    Kiaxtreme- over a year ago
  8. link Tabasum911
    pig fat consumption
    does centrum silver contains pig fat in any form. plz confirm
    Tabasum911- over a year ago - in Centrum Silver
  9. link Gsaab
    Gsaab- over a year ago - in Centrum Silver