Cerefolin® NAC is a prescription medication often used as a preventative measure against diseases that effect the memory, such as Alzheimer’s. The purpose of this medication is to reduce the damage done by the process of oxidization, which releases harmful wastes into the body. If the body cannot eliminate these wastes over a prolonged period of time, claim the makers of Cerefolin® NAC, they will lead to a decrease in proper brain function. The ingredients in this product are supposed to keep oxidization and waste levels at a minimum so that the health of the mind and memory can be extended. While there are some studies that back up the use of Cerefolin® NAC for memory loss, the effectiveness of such ingredients for preventing memory loss is still debated.

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Cerefolin NAC Discussions

  1. link Runner34949
    Is it true that Cerefolin NAC can assist in the reversal of osteoporosis?
    Runner34949- over a year ago - in Cerefolin NAC
  2. link Mxluna
    Effectiveness of Cerefolin
    My husband was prescribed Cerefolin by his doctor. He says he has regained his energy. He had cancer back in 2002 (Sqamous Cell Carcinoma) Base of the - 36% more...
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  3. link Purr32
    drug interactions
    I take quite a few medications. Is there any chance that this will have an adverse effect or interact poorly with one of my other medications?
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  4. link Ckmenife
    how long have this been on the market?
    How long has studies for the long term effects of this medication been done.
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    alternative use for Cerefolin NAC? Also, is it Gluten Free?
    I was in a car accident and have been having pain and inflammation for over one year. Celebrex is the anti-inflammatory I was taking but if I missed i - 74% more...
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  6. link Anomdenet
    Cerefolin NAC mild headache, extreme fatigue
    Taking Cerefolin 1 month. Have started to get extreme fatigue.
    Anomdenet- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Cerefolin NAC
  7. link Mareilly44
    Rash as side effect
    What kind of rash and where does it usually appear?
    Mareilly44- over a year ago - in Cerefolin NAC
  8. link Amandahw
    Amandahw- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Cerefolin NAC
  9. link Marmax
    Rash as a side effect?
    I have been on Cerefolin NAC about 6 days and have now developed a rash with itching across my back. Should I keep taking it or should it try taking i - 14% more...
    Marmax- over a year ago - in Cerefolin NAC
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