Chantix is a prescription-only medication used to help people stop smoking. It contains the drug varenicline, which was approved in 2006. Studies show that 44 percent of people who take Chantix are able to stop smoking, compared to 18 percent of those who take a placebo. Chantix has been associated with serious psychological symptoms, including violent behavior and suicidal thoughts, although these reactions appear to be quite rare. When you smoke, nicotine travels to nicotine receptors in the brain, causing dopamine to be released. This causes a temporary pleasurable feeling that is reinforced each time you smoke. Chantix works by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain. As a result, nicotine cannot reach these receptors and therefore smoking has little or no effect on the brain. Chantix also triggers the release of a small amount of dopamine in the brain, which can ease the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.


Chantix Discussions

  1. link Kbarr
    Chantix night today, pack a day, final attempt, third time, stairs
    This is my third and hopefully final attempt in stopping smoking. ( third time is a charn, right!! ) This is my 7th day on the Chantix. I LOVE IT. Yes - 79% more...
    Kbarr- over a year ago - in Chantix
  2. link Yewneek1
    Chantix nasty habit, severe depression
    Chantix is the only quit-smoking med that I have used that actually worked. HOWEVER, I can't take it long enough to quit because it causes severe depr - 42% more...
    Yewneek1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Chantix
  3. link Susanpringle
    Chantix may1, pack a day, clothing size, gaining weight, hardest thing
    Took Chantix for 2 and 1/2 months, starting May1, and it helped me quit smoking. I did have to make sure I ate good meals before taking it, my dreams - 89% more...
    Susanpringle- over a year ago - in Chantix
  4. link Evi
    Chantix dying of cancer, mood disturbances, clear as day, black dog, chanitx
    I've taken Chantix twice now. I quit for two years the first time, but started smoking again so now I am on Chantix again. I am not smoking, and don't - 82% more...
    Evi- over a year ago - in Chantix
  5. link Mpfc9900
    Chantix low calorie snacks, rough patches, american cancer, withdrawal symptoms, restlessness
    Per The American Cancer Quit Smoking page 7/02/2010: "Anticipate withdrawal symptoms such as grumpiness, restlessness, irritability, hunger, head - 70% more...
    Mpfc9900- over a year ago - in Chantix
  6. link Mpfc9900
    Chantix chest xray, upper respiratory problems, positive attitude, pack a day, stink
    I'm a 47 y/o W F who has smoked a pack a day for 35 years. I will begin using Chantix tomorrow, July 01, 2010. I will be glad to keep everyone posted - 78% more...
    Mpfc9900- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Chantix
  7. link Immikeymacs
    Chantix rapid weight gain, last cigarette, anti depressants, panic attacks, energy level
    I used Chantix to stop a 2.5 pk a day habit. I started taking Chantix in August of 08. Smoked my last cigarette Sept 08 and have not resumed the habit - 89% more...
    Immikeymacs- over a year ago - in Chantix
  8. link Noshade
    Chantix bowel problems, cramps, stomach
    i have smoked for 39 years and am completely stopped due to chantix but lately nausea has gone to a whole new level and my stomach is distended and i - 51% more...
    Noshade- over a year ago - in Chantix
  9. link Guineapig
    Chantix major depressive disorder, anti psychotic drugs, irritable bowel syndrome, mental fog, excessive weight gain
    I took Champix in March of '08 and I am still suffering from most of the side effects of this poisonous drug. I started to feel some of the bad effect - 94% more...
    Guineapig- over a year ago - in Chantix
  10. link Bknight1980
    what not to eat while on chantix?
    I am on a high fiber diet and still suffer from constipation with the chantix. What can I eat and not eat while on chantix?
    Bknight1980- over a year ago - in Chantix
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