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  1. link Brendad
    constituents of cholecalciferol injection
    my GP has recently prescribed me Calceos chewable tablets which I am unable/unwilling to take as a vegetarian as it contains gelatin in the tablets. I - 61% more...
    Brendad- over a year ago - in Cholecalciferol
  2. link Theodore4900
    Cholecalciferol energy levels, vitamin d, gums, iu, nausea
    Jaw swelling only in left jaw. very painful at times. had to take lots of aspirin. went away about two weeks after stopping 2000 IU per day of choleca - 68% more...
    Theodore4900- over a year ago - in Cholecalciferol
  3. link Brasstown
    cholecalciferol powder
    does cholecalciferol powder have to be refrigerated?
    Brasstown- over a year ago - in Cholecalciferol
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