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  1. link Cilla
    how much iron?
    i need to know the dose of iron in chromagen forte. i need to take 325mgs three times a day, so need to know how much iron is in 1 tab
    Cilla- over a year ago - in Chromagen Forte
  2. link Beckyb
    Chromagen and B12
    How much B12 is in this medication?
    Beckyb- over a year ago - in Chromagen Forte
  3. link Boogerdee
    You've got to be kidding!
    What makes Chromagen Forte any better than any other good quality (highly bio-available) "multi-vitamin with iron"? Other than it makes Ther - 45% more...
    Boogerdee- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Chromagen Forte
  4. link Hani50
    indications for chromagen fort capsules
    whats the actual benefit in prescribing chroma gen caps in delayed tibial fracture healing?
    Hani50- over a year ago - in Chromagen Forte
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