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  1. link Mary1b
    Profound fatigue from the Biaxin (Clarithromycin)
    My 16 y.o. son just stopped his Biaxin today ( today was day 8 of a 10 day course of 500mg twice a day). He has been so fatigued and occasionally achy and dizzy. He was prescribed this antibiotic for lung congestion following a nasty flu virus that k - 68% more...
    Mary1b- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Clarithromycin
  2. link Seafoam
    Clarithromycin ulcer treatment, white tongue, little bit at a time, stomach pains, amoxicillin
    white tongue, severe nausea, and stomach pains. but i'm taking it with amoxicillin too, (for doudenal ulcer treatment) so it could be both of them. i find if i eat a little bit at a time frequently, the nausea and cramping goes away and all i have is - 6% more...
    Seafoam- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Clarithromycin
  3. link Student_nurse
    I'm taking this drug for a really bad sinus leaves a bad taste in my mouth as well, especially when I wake up in the morning but I guess its not that big of a deal. But, however I have had the worst stomach problems....I've had hor - 48% more...
    Student_nurse- over a year ago
  4. link Fsibley
    Possible allergic reaction
    Is the active ingredient in Clarithromycin sulfa?
    Fsibley- over a year ago - in Clarithromycin
  5. link Greentreeinfl
    what is it prescribed for?
    Greentreeinfl- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Clarithromycin
  6. link Fsibley
    is the active ingredient in clarithromycin Sulfa?
    Fsibley- over a year ago
  7. link Sanlaom
    8 month old allergic reaction?
    My 8 month old was prescribed clarithromycin sus for his ears and cough and now after 3 days of taking it he has a rash that started on his torso and now it is all over his neck and forehead. Should i take him into the hospital? It seems like it isn' - 19% more...
    Sanlaom- over a year ago - in Clarithromycin
  8. link Dre7878
    Is their a similar antibiotic like (erythromycin) they would work the same without the high cost of this drug. No insurance
    Dre7878- over a year ago - in Clarithromycin
  9. link Ashadadan
    My Son is taking Clarithromycin for acne.....he's been taking it for 6 days now and is starting to feel nauseus, is it safe for him to continue with it or should he stop?
    Ashadadan- over a year ago - in Clarithromycin
  10. link Mind
    Clarithromycin upper gi bleeding, neutropenia, cva, palpitations, edema
    headech hypertension orang color of urine nausea vomiting upper GI bleeding asthma palpitations heamylsis neutropenia CVA edema uterus dysfunction
    Mind- over a year ago - in Clarithromycin
  11. link Clmoon
    Clmoon- over a year ago - in Clarithromycin
  12. link Clmoon
    Clarithromycin stomach cramps, sinus infection, dry cough, cefzil, allergic reaction
    I am not sure if i am having a reaction to this medication. at the beginning of december i was given cefzil for a sinus infection after taking that for 10 days it was mostly better and came back with a headache and dry cough/ stuffy nose. I then got - 59% more...
    Clmoon- over a year ago - in Clarithromycin
  13. link Toni.peters
    Clarithromycin white tongue, dry throat, night sweats
    Night sweats, and VERY dry throat and white tongue.
    Toni.peters- over a year ago - in Clarithromycin