Loratadine is an antihistamine drug used to treat allergies, and marketed for its non-sedating properties. It is marketed by Schering-Plough and Shionogi in Japan under several trade names such as Claritin, Claritin-D, Claritine, Clarityn, Clarityne or Fristamin depending on the market; by Cadila as Lorfast; by Lek as Lomilan or Flonidan; by Sandoz as Symphoral; by Ranbaxy as Roletra; by Pliva as Rinolan; by Teva as AllergyX; by Wyeth as Alavert; and by Pharma International as Tidilor1. It is also available as a generic. In a version marketed as Claritin-D or Clarinase, loratadine is combined with pseudoephedrine, a decongestant; this makes it somewhat useful for colds as well as allergies, but adds potential side-effects of insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claritin-D

Claritin-d Discussions

  1. link Littleedmc
    Drug Screen
    Upon taking taking this medication when I take a drug screen for amphetamines would I fail it?
    Littleedmc- over a year ago - in Claritin-D
  2. link Judyanaya
    Claritin-D appetite suppresent, medication, allergies
    appetite suppresent. Could go the whole day w/ little to no food at all. depressed and anxious at the same time. I do not feel like my normal self. Ho - 38% more...
    Judyanaya- over a year ago - in Claritin-D
  3. link Subsupra
    Claritin-D claritin d, animal dander, claritin, molds, intensity
    Claritin-D really works for preventing my allergies to pollens, molds and animal dander. I did begin to notice that I would have very vivid nightmares - 44% more...
    Subsupra- over a year ago - in Claritin-D
  4. link Cabbit
    Claritin-D dry mouth, insomnia, wont work
    insomnia, dry mouth I think my boy's gone immune to it cause it wont work anymore after taking it for so long
    Cabbit- over a year ago - in Claritin-D
  5. link Ctandgianni
    Claritin-D loss of appetite, drink more water, flt, i choose, most importantly
    I choose this medication first. I'm a flt attendant and need quick results. I do drink more water, have lots of energy, and loss of appetite. Most imp - 33% more...
    Ctandgianni- over a year ago - in Claritin-D
  6. link Kathleen765
    Claritin-D clartin d, medician, reless, lags
    etching feet-reless lags this is the only cause of clartin-d bacuse i dont take other medician
    Kathleen765- over a year ago - in Claritin-D
  7. link T44220950
    Claritin-D urine retention, unable to urinate, enlarged prostate, bph, claritin
    Unable to urinate. Claritin increase enlarged prostate (bph) resulting in urine retention and emergency room visit.
    T44220950- over a year ago - in Claritin-D
  8. link Teddy.huntley
    Side Effects
    Has Claritin-d been known to affect the ability to urinate as sometimes does sudafed?
    Teddy.huntley- over a year ago - in Claritin-D
  9. link Kittykat24523
    Claritin-D loss of appetite, dry mouth, sleepless night
    sleepless night, loss of appetite, dry mouth,
    Kittykat24523- over a year ago - in Claritin-D
  10. link Diane.spicer
    Irritible, nightmares
    Diane.spicer- over a year ago - in Claritin-D
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