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  1. link Lakshmister
    Clopidogrel and d.v.t.
    Can clopidogrel be given as medication for deep vein thromboses?
    Lakshmister- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Clopidogrel
  2. link Marypatricia
    Clopidogrel for mild mitral regurgitation
    Is clopidogrel - daily - 75mg a good idea for mild asymptomatic mild mitral regurgitation caused by mitral valve prolapse?
    Marypatricia- over a year ago - in Clopidogrel
  3. link Rbottnermd
    Optimal loading dose/maintenance dose in NSTEMI
    What is the optimal loading dose and daily maintenance dose in patients who present with NSTEMI?
    Rbottnermd- over a year ago - in Clopidogrel
  4. link Patjevons24
    Should I be on clopidogrel after 1 small stroke
    Should I be on Clopidogrel after 1 small stroke. What are the benefits as opposeded to Asprin and Diperidimol. I'm getting bruises, nauseas and vertig - 9% more...
    Patjevons24- over a year ago - in Clopidogrel
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