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    Benadams201- 8 months ago - in Cozaar
  2. link Luvtiggerz62
    Cozaar hair loss, fingers
    I stopped lisinopril due to EXTREME hair loss in just 2 months of use... I will start COZAAR tomorrow...hoping for less side affects and NO hair loss. - 13% more...
    Luvtiggerz62- over a year ago - in Cozaar
  3. link Luvtiggerz62
    Cozaar hair loss, fingers
    I am going to start Cozaar tomorrow after stopping lisinopril. It made me have EXTREME hair loss in just 2 months....I am hoping for better results on - 16% more...
    Luvtiggerz62- over a year ago - in Cozaar
  4. link Midwestern
    Cozaar excessive dry mouth, muscle pain
    At first everything seemed ok with Cozaar (50 mg). My doc put me on this since she said it has the least side effects. I had a little dry mouth at fir - 55% more...
    Midwestern- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Cozaar
  5. link Meadow2345
    Cozaar high blood pressure, weight gain, weight loss
    I've been on cozaar for 4 years without any problems. I'm still no sure how my blood pressure became high, it was fine up til age 50, actually it was - 78% more...
    Meadow2345- over a year ago - in Cozaar
  6. link Rahimsaid
    Cozaar persistent dry cough, natrilix sr, coversyl
    I was switched from Natrilix SR to Coversyl. After about two days on Coversyl, I developed a persistent dry cough. I went back to the doctor and compl - 59% more...
    Rahimsaid- over a year ago - in Cozaar
  7. link Gertrude
    Cozaar hand pain
    Happy to see this website...I had also knee...wrist and hand pain... I use 25 mg Cozaar a I stopped...and feeling much better. Even 139-79 - 32% more...
    Gertrude- over a year ago - in Cozaar
  8. link Wholland5
    Cozaar dry cough, swollen face, jaw pain, hoarseness, knee pain
    wrist, ankle, knee pain. All over muscle pain, have to take Advil to sleep and function. Fatigue, sleepiness, hoarseness, dry cough. Jaw pain, swollen - 28% more...
    Wholland5- over a year ago - in Cozaar
  9. link Xj8
    Why am I coughing?
    I have developed a cough while taking cozaar. why is this occuring?
    Xj8- over a year ago - in Cozaar
  10. link Yassiejo
    Cozaar please remember that, loss of concentration, reading glasses, increased urination, blood pressure
    I had been on Cozaar off and on for about three years. Although the medication did bring my blood pressure down, my weight steadily increased, and no - 87% more...
    Yassiejo- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Cozaar
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