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  1. link Seun
    Cytotec loud noise, stomach
    funny loud noise in stomach
    Seun- over a year ago - in Cytotec
  2. link Julianyap
    how it works
    after taken 3 days cytotec (1 tablet x 3 times/day). how do we know wether its works or not? when is the period will started?
    Julianyap- over a year ago - in Cytotec
  3. link Cris3113
    Cytotec side effects during pregnancy
    If I took one dose of Cytotec and later discovered (through a home pregnancy test) that I am pregnant but I did not have a miscarriage, then what are - 34% more...
    Cris3113- over a year ago - in Cytotec
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