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  1. link Jbednar2
    Where can I purchase D-AMINE SR 120?
    Where can someone in the USA purchase D-AMINE SR 120. It is no longer available through prescription in the USA. I use it when I have a bad cold - and - 29% more...
    Jbednar2- over a year ago - in D-Amine-SR
  2. link J_mitroff
    D-Amine-SR drowsiness, dizziness, medication
    Severe drowsiness and some dizziness was experienced with this medication.
    J_mitroff- over a year ago - in D-Amine-SR
  3. link Poohbear
    my husband has been sick for 1 mo. and now he is taking this med. and he said his legs feel funny . but he is not getting no better.
    Poohbear- over a year ago - in D-Amine-SR
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